It Took 467,854 Legos to Build This Insane Life-Size McLaren Senna

By Sean Evans (Robb Report)

You’re looking at a McLaren Senna made nearly entirely of Lego bricks. Impressive, no? A total of 467,854 bricks were required to complete the vehicle you see here, and teams of up to 10 workers toiled in around-the-clock shifts for 2,725 hours to complete the build. (By comparison, the lads and ladies at Woking only require 300 hours to complete a Senna.)

The Lego Senna was produced in partnership between McLaren Automotive and the legendary Danish toy company, and follows a 720S model that was completed about two years ago, utilizing some 200,000 bricks. The Senna marks the first time that real interior pieces were included in a Lego build. There’s a proper lightweight carbon fiber seat, a steering wheel and pedals plucked from the real car, and even the start button—situated on the roof–is functional, and kids and adults alike can “fire up” the car, hearing a simulation of the engine roaring. The lights and infotainment system are also functional. Actual McLaren badges are fitted to the Lego variant, and the wheels and Pirelli tires are Senna-spec. The dihedral doors, made of Legos, are removable to help with ingress and egress to the cabin.

Oddly, the Lego Senna is probably the heftiest McLaren ever produced, clocking in around 3,348 pounds—1,102 pounds heavier than a real Senna, for those keeping score. Between the design, development, and build time, the whole project took a team of 42 about 5,000 hours, and that included staffers from Lego and McLaren.

While you can’t buy this very McLaren Senna, you can buy a much smaller, less-intensive build. There’s a five-inch long, 219-piece Senna Lego car on sale for $14.99. But if you want to the real Lego Senna (or the actual Senna), both will be on display at various McLaren events, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom this July. 

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