Girls Kick Ass! [episode 03]

And So It Begins …

A thousand years ago, the Guild of Accountants, Financiers, and Bookkeepers changed its name to the Finance Guild, and promptly filled in the power vacuum created by the then recent demise of the Freemasons and Trilateralists. Many of its senior members become wealthy and powerful just like the Knights Templar. It became so influential a guild that, in spite of all of the guilds that existed at the time, it came to be referred to as The Guild. As ages passed its ambition grew, as is the nature of purely-human institutions.

It expanded, absorbing all of the other guilds, with one notable exception, that being The Guild of Librarians. A shortfall which was rectified when the Librarian Guild merged with The Guild. A merger that proved to be The Guild’s undoing. As it had swallowed up so many other Trade Unionist endeavors over the course of time, it too became the main course for its very own meal. Through the agency of the incoming Pope, Pope Ruth, The Library took over The Guild. The same Pope who subsequently negotiated the Truce of the Knights of Templar, bringing back into the fold, the Church’s long errant, formerly loyal servants, the Knights Templar. A defection which attracted the attention of Mercantilists, most notably Mrs. Gretchen Corey Carson III.

Post-modernism. Starships, EXOs, and the like, are far-removed from the essence of it all. Back to basics. Cloistered in her NOOK. The Witch has plans for the girl, the expected obsessive-compulsive ones of a real sicko. Fronting an Alice Crabtree, Lucy is a creepy, frumpy cunt, who is not unattractive. Slender, not scrawny, with big tits, and a very flat ass. A hard, pretty face. The girl is sporting a watered-down version of what Baba Yaga craves most. The Witch is a purest. She craves a very different look for the girl she now covets to the extreme. This translates into the following additions, substitutions, and deletions. Geriatric hair: yellow-blonde hair that’s liberally streaked with dirty-looking white and grey hair. Ruined hair that is worn either yanked up and back into a sternka, or it’s letdown into messy straight hair, a krazed. A Cousin Itt hairdo that obscures her face. Bouts of madness; an all-encompassing lunacy akin to that of a race of Hags known as Furies, fueled by extended and extensive alcohol and drug binges, during which the swinger devolves into a drunken, hi-mileage, junkie whore. Thicks. Parts. Plaintive makeup. Scrawny, with big tits, and a very flat ass. A girl with those hard, ravaged looks. Resulting in a creepy, unattractive, frumpy cunt. The de facto Miss Mildred E Huff.

What would be an acceptable compromise? That version of the very pretty girl hiding in plain sight, which a Mildred Huff doesn’t represent, that still fills the bill nonetheless for the depraved witch?

How about an Eleanor Crabtree? An Alice Crabtree, with the following substitutions and additions: thicks, Parts, and a sternka which lets down into strait hair. Resulting in a creepy, attractive, frumpy cunt.

Also, an alter ego defined by bouts of madness; an all-encompassing lunacy akin to that of a race of Hags known as Furies, fueled by extended and extensive alcohol and drug binges, during which the swinger devolves into a drunken, hi-mileage, junkie whore.

Hi-mileage, during these bouts of madness [these rages], due to a insanity-ravaged face [i.e., ruined face], messy straight hair [i.e., a krazed], makeup that looks it has melted on her ruined face [i.e., a melt], and being scrawny, with big tits, and a very flat ass [i.e., skin-n-bones]. Aka, a Linda Laverda Thompson [Cousin Itt].

Why is the witch on board? Because she is the LF assigned to this unit of Killjoys. Killjoys train with the vaulted Waffen-SS, and are the closest human equivalent to those infamous, genocidal, supernatural shock troops. Same tactics, same gear, same missions.

The IO this ship is heading for is not the IO of its universe of origin. It is the IO of this far-flung dark universe where the Earth-Minbari War [the so-called Vampire War] started and the Battle of the Line was fought, the climatic battle which ended the war. Coincidently, the witch is a veteran of The Earth-Minbari War and the Battle of the Line.

Many humans believe that the contemporary Minbari of this universe are the result of the assimilation, by Vampires distant eons ago, of the indigenous humanoid population of the planet Minbar. A belief founded on their appearance and their advanced stealth technology. Of course, there is no way to confirm or deny this belief. Many so-called Vampire “sightings”, but none of them verified. No official record of a Vampire being captured and studied, therefore no way to compare the appearance and DNA of a Vampire with a Minbari. Additionally, Vampire [things] are said to be the artifacts of Vampire [creatures], but no definitive proof. The Vampire remains a mythical creature, shrouded in mystery, who is the fodder for much speculation.