Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — How Skid Row Taught Me How To Communicate (part 1)

Young Indian businesswoman holding ‘Will Work for Food’ sign

Growing up, and even as an adult, after I had gone through a really bad day or a really bad stretch in my life, my father would tell me, “Well, you just learned an awful lot more than you ever learned in school.”

I’m not sure that was 100% accurate, but his comment led me to a major discovery.  Whenever you go through a problem, you will always be different afterwards.  You will become better or bitter.… Read Full Article

Why the Air Force Wants to Buy Boeing’s Aging Fighter

By Lou Whiteman (The Motley Fool)

The Pentagon’s annual budget request is a shopping list featuring some of the most sophisticated, cutting-edge technologies available on the planet. But one item that stood out in this year’s request was the military’s embrace of a 1960s-era fighter jet that the Air Force said it intends to acquire in significant quantities in the years to come.… Read Full Article