Beverly Kenney – Destination Moon

from the LP “Beverly Kenney Sings for Johnny Smith” (1956)

A fantastic biography of Beverly Kenney can be found here:…

ビヴァリー・ケニー -- I believe this is Beverly Kenney in Japanese; just leaving this here so that it may come up in search results for them as she is very popular in Japan … Read more

How the F-15 Will Become a ‘Flying Arsenal’ To Help F-22s Wage War

Here is how it will work.

by War Is Boring (The National Interest)

Twenty-six years after McDonnel Douglas — now part of Boeing — delivered the last single-seat F-15C to the Air Force, the flying branch is adding new sensors, communications gear and potentially weapons options that could extend the type’s operational relevance into the 2030s and beyond … as a heavily-armed “flying arsenal” supporting the stealthy F-22.… Read more