Jazz Noir [part 2]

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Track Listings

1. Harlem Nocturne – Duke Ellington

2. Staccato’s Theme (From ‘Double Impact’) – Buddy Morrow And His Orchestra

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Can a Good Man Mistreat You During Sex—If That’s What You Desire?

By Lena Dunham (Vogue)

Can a good man mistreat you during sex—if that’s what you desire? A newly single Lena Dunham explores.

It was a modern non–love story, the only kind I’d ever really known. But this was my first time at the rodeo in my 30s, a decade so far remarkable for my first gray hair, my first time showing up for jury duty, and my first real heartbreak, stemming from the public dissolution of a six-year relationship I had believed to be permanent.… Read Full Article