Jazz Noir [part 1]

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Track Listings

  1. Peter Gunn – Henry Mancini & His Orchestra & Chorus – Henry Mancini, His Orchestra and Chorus
  2. Caper At The Coffee House (From ’77 Sunset Strip’) – Warren Barker – Warren Barker
  3. The Street (From ‘Sweet Smell Of Success’) – Elmer Bernstein – Elmer Bernstein
  4. French Quarter (From ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’) – Alex North And His Orchestra – Alex North and his Orchestra
  5. Night Train – Buddy Morrow – Buddy Morrow
  6. Upper And Outest (From ‘Anatomy Of A Murder’) – Duke Ellington – Duke Ellington
  7. Générique (From ‘Ascenseur Pour L’Échafaud’) – Miles Davis – Miles Davis
  8. Clark Street (From ‘The Man With The Golden Arm’) – Elmer Bernstein & Shorty Rogers & His Giants – Elmer Bernstein & Shorty Rogers & His Giants
  9. The Boss (From ‘Touch Of Evil’) – Henry Mancini – Henry Mancini
  10. The Off Beat (From ‘Beat Girl’) – John Barry – John Barry
  11. Bewildered (From ‘The Wild One’) – Leith Stevens’ All Stars – Leith Stevens’ All Stars
  12. Audition (From ‘The Man With The Golden Arm’) – Elmer Bernstein & Shorty Rogers & His Giants – Elmer Bernstein & Shorty Rogers & His Giants
  13. Overture (From ‘All Night Long’) – Philip Green Orchestra – Philip Green Orchestra
  14. Odds Against Tomorrow (Main Theme) – John Lewis – John Lewis
  15. Hammer Blow (From ‘Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer’) – Skip Martin & His Orchestra – Skip Martin and his Orchestra
  16. À Bout De Souffle (From ‘À Bout De Souffle’) – Martial Solal – Martial Solal
  17. Cubano Be – Lalo Schifrin – Lalo Schifrin
  18. I Want To Live (Main Theme) – Johnny Mandel – Johnny Mandel
  19. Stop And Go (Main Theme) – Kenyon Hopkins – Kenyon Hopkins
  20. Toss Me A Scalpel (From ‘The Interns’) – Leith Stevens & Stu Phillips – Leith Stevens & Stu Phillips
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