A Solution to America’s F-35 Nightmare: Why Not Build More F-22s?

The reality is that the Air Force likely will never restart the Raptor production line. Here’s why.

by Dave Majumdar (The National Interest)

America’s F-35 clearly has its share of problems . Such challenges only compound the U.S. Air Force’s real dilemma: not having enough dedicated air superiority fighters as potential competitors like Russia and China beef up their own capabilities.… read the full article

Venezuela’s Guaido Wants China to See Maduro Is Bad for Business

Bloomberg News

(Bloomberg) — The young politician spearheading efforts to remove Venezuela’s authoritarian leader called for a “transparent relationship” with China, a key investor in the country, saying any agreements made with the regime of Nicolas Maduro would be honored as long as they were lawfully done.… read the full article