Pakistan says 2 Indian warplanes downed, pilot captured

Kashmiri villagers gather near the wreckage of an Indian aircraft after it crashed in Budgam area, outskirts of Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Wednesday, Feb.27, 2019. (AP Photo/Mukhtar Khan)


MUZAFARABAD, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan’s military said Wednesday it shot down two Indian warplanes in the disputed region of Kashmir and captured a pilot, answering an airstrike a day earlier by Indian fighter jets inside Pakistan and raising tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals to a level unseen in two decades.… read the full article

Boeing unveils unmanned combat jet ‘Loyal Wingman’ developed in Australia

AVALON, Australia (Reuters) – Boeing Co on Wednesday unveiled an unmanned, fighter-like jet developed in Australia and designed to fly alongside crewed aircraft in combat for a fraction of the cost.

A model of Boeing Co’s new unmanned, fighter-like jet, called the Boeing Airpower Teaming System, is displayed in Avalon, Australia February 27, 2019.
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Train swapping: North Korea’s Kim reliant on Chinese for summit transport

HANOI (Reuters) – When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un rolled into the Vietnamese border station of Dong Dang early on Tuesday, his vaunted specialized train was pulled by a red-and-yellow locomotive emblazoned with China’s national railway logo.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un arrives by train at the border town with China in Dong Dang, Vietnam, February 26, 2019.
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Trump Must Act as India Launches Surgical Airstrikes on Nuclear-Armed Pakistan

The threat of war looms large in the Indian subcontinent which has long been of vital geographical interest for the United States. | Source: Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP

By Ben Brown (CCN)

Tensions between two nuclear-armed states reached boiling-point overnight as India launched airstrikes into Pakistan territory.… read the full article

How did police catch ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett? Lots and lots of cameras

By Aamer Madhani, (USA TODAY)

CHICAGO – Dozens of private and city-owned security cameras played a critical role in helping investigators unravel “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s alleged hoax attack, police and prosecutors say.

Officials say investigators were suspicious of Smollett from the outset.… read the full article