Here Are Three Scenarios for U.S.-China Trade Talks This Week

By Andrew MayedaYe Xie, and Jenny Leonard (Bloomberg)

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The U.S. and China will hold a pivotal round of talks this week in an attempt to end their trade war.… Read the full article.

Husband/Wife team Arlene & Andy Sidaris Talk Making Movies

Arlene Sidaris was the producer…Andy the director…in this interview on of the films stars Dona Speir…She was an actress and March 1984 Playboy Playmate…The 3 made several movies including Fit to Kill, Guns among other Sidaris branded films..These were cable tv staples for years…Malibu Express,Hard Ticket to Hawaii…Andy was a multi Emmy winning director for ABC Sports and a great friend who passed away in 2007.… Read the full article.

Xi Sells ‘One China’ Dreams to the Wrong Country

The Taiwanese people have acclimated to their own culture and way of life. Uncoerced unification between Taipei and Beijing is a Chinese pipe dream.

by Michael Mazza (The National Interest)

In a Washington Post op-ed stunning for its intellectual dishonesty, selective presentation of facts, and interpretation of the facts presented, Bucknell professor Zhiqun Zhu paints a picture of China-Taiwan relations dangerously divorced from reality.… Read the full article.