Sometimes a great ape needs an even better body guard!


H.R. Giger’s Li Tobler

Li Tobler (30 November 1947 – 19 May 1975) was a Swiss stage actress and model for the artist H. R. Giger. Two of his major paintings were portraits of Li, and her face can also be recognized in some of his semi-abstract subjects where man and machine are fused into one.

Li lived with Giger in squalor, often inside condemned buildings, eventually becoming romantically involved. Although their relationship was open, it remained deeply intense and creatively inspiring to Giger. But Li suffered from emotional insecurity, heavy drug-dependence, and physical exhaustion from theatrical tours. She committed suicide (by gunshot to the head) at age 27 as a result of constant depression. According to Giger, she had wished her life to be “short and intense”.