Here’s Why the F-35 Won’t Be Coming to Taiwan

The new proposal will push for the release of sixty-six F-16V Block 70 fighters, with an additional six aircraft to replace crashed F-16A/B Block 20s (seventy-two total aircraft).

by Wendell MinnickThe National Interest

Key point: There are also suspicions in Taiwan that opposition to the sale of a fifth-generation fighter would be raised in Washington over secrecy issues, as mainland Chinese espionage on the island is rampant.Continues

Duke Ellington – Switzerland ’59 3/7 [Kinda Dukish/Rockin’ In Rhythm]

Kinda Dukish/Rockin’ In Rhythm

Solos: Duke Ellington, Harry Carney, Quentin Jackson

Duke Ellington and his Orchestra:

Cat Anderson, Clark Terry, Andres Merenguito, Ray Nance -- trumpets
Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, Booty Wood -- trombones
Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope (as, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Jimmy Hamilton (ts, cl), Harry Carney (bs, cl, bcl) -- reeds
Duke Ellington, (p)
Jimmy Woode (b)
Jimmy Johnson (d)… Continues

Political shifts, sales slump cast shadow over gun industry

by Lisa Marie Pane, Associated Press — Associated Press

Handguns are displayed at the Smith & Wesson booth at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas. AP file photo

When gunmakers and dealers gather this week in Las Vegas for the industry’s largest annual conference, they will be grappling with slumping sales and a shift in politics that many didn’t envision two years ago when gun-friendly Donald Trump and a GOP-controlled Congress took office.… Continues

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theory Claims Thanos Isn’t Quite Who You Think He Is

A Reddit user speculates about the villain’s true identity


By now, it’s pretty much accepted by Marvel fans that the Avengers will have to utilise some form of time travel in order to collect the Infinity Stones and retroactively kill off Thanos in Endgame. … Continues