Turbo Cars Should FEAR This Man – Drag Week 2017 CHAMP!

After 1000 MILES OF DRIVING – Putting Nitrous Cars Back on the Map! This C2 Chevrolet Corvette took on Drag Week 2017 and showed Turbo Cars they aren’t always the best! Nitrous cars have always been some of the fiercest competition, but lately it seems turbo cars have been taking home the gold. That was not the case with this years Unlimited Class of Hot Rod’s Drag Week 2017 as Dave Schroeder Piloted this real body C2 Chevy Corvette into the winners circle! By no means was this an easy task, especially with the lack of test time due to the loss of friend and tuner, Monte Smith earlier in 2017. Taking home the win was meaningful in many ways as Dave has only ever finished 2 Drag Weeks in 7 years. Dave hasn’t had the best luck at the event in the past, even wrecking at 190MPH hasn’t stopped him from returning every year since 2010! Now that he’s got a class win under his belt and survived the trials, we’re anxious to see how far they push this nitrous huffing chevrolet in 2018!