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Murder on Mars, Chapter 25

Alice Quinn

As a Niffin, due to lacking a conscious and thus bereft of a sense of morality and empathy, the resulting sociopathic Alice was much more devious and deadly, as well as knowledgeable about the complex laws of magic. Due to this, she made significant rivals.

Restored as human and having returned to Brakebills, Alice displays a hatred of her humanity. She is frustrated with her weakened powers and human needs. Alice more than enjoyed being a Niffin. It is an addiction. An addiction that she craves to indulge again, this time without end.

Likewise. Lucy’s hack gives her a taste of what it means to be Niffin. Albeit as a dominatrix whose continued enslavement makes her submissive to her benefactress and better, the Duchess Blavatsky. Hags, by nature, are enslavers.

The girl is back dressed. Her Alice Quinn having reverted more to type and thus classic form. As such, her hair has been letdown, resulting in an equally severe, dowdy hairdo—long, center-parted, dead straight, blond hair (a “classic” Ann Coulter)—i.e., strait hair. Still, tellingly, her thicks have failed to revert to spade-z, thus her eyeglasses still have uber-thick trifocal lined lenses instead of ultra-thin no-line lenses—i.e., still thicks, not thins.

She sits at a small table by the window. The Duchess sits across from her. They are sharing a bowl of freshly-made brain soup. Steaming-hot off the hot plate in the room’s makeshift kitchen.

The Duchess’ intense disdain and hatred for Lucy is palatable. An understandable reaction, considering that the old biddy loathes pretty girls. And, adding fuel to the an already blazing fire. In a clear example of beauty partially deflected, but not completely negated: in spite of her severe plaintive hairdo, disfiguring glasses, and frumpy outfit, the girl remains a ravishing beauty, and thus very pretty. Although her gender-bending Parts make her a creepy proposition, indeed. As a side note: Lucy feels “incomplete” when she’s not strapping. That feeling is ever present and has nothing to do with her recent hack. She’s had this addiction and its resulting [she-male] craving for a very long time.

Of course, you have to take that careful second look to realize that the girl is in fact a ravishing beauty underneath all of that unbecoming dowdiness—frumpy unattractive layer upon frumpy unattractive layer. The vast majority of people will never give her a first look, let alone that needed second look, because they won’t get past Lucy’s aforementioned plaintive hairdo, disfiguring glasses, and frumpy outfit. A very pretty girl hiding in plain sight. In effect, few people see her as anything other than an extremely unattractive, frumpy cunt, and in turn see her and The Duchess as a well-matched couple.

A naked, regenerating, cleaned up Simon is strapped spreadeagle to the room’s only bed. As far as the two women present are concerned, he doesn’t exist. Their undivided focus is on each other.

His ball gag still in place. And, for added discomfort, he’s been catharized—in this case, an oversized urinary catheter has been shoved up his penis.

As previously stated, the Duchess is a Niffin. As such. Interdimensional travel: she can travel anywhere throughout Creation. Niffin magic: she has a much larger reservoir of magic at her disposal than if she was not Niffin. It’s as if she is a being of “pure magic”, she can perform complex and taxing magic spells with ease and without repercussion. Niffin intellect: Niffins have a natural understanding of magic. This knowledge is too vast for the non-Niffin mind to contain for any reasonable length of time, no matter how old or how well-trained that person may be. It’s said that gOd took days trying to transcribe all of gOd’s “acquired” Niffin knowledge into a series of books before it faded from gOd’s brain. The much-studied results are volumes of Niffin knowledge that don’t begin to scratch the surface of what gOd had known before it all went away.

Not surprisingly. Lucy is packing at the eating table. SS Paranormal issue burners nestled underneath her suit coat, the phase rifle slung and the phase pistols holstered in her gun belt. SS Paranormal issue smartphone gripping the waistband of her suit skirt. Wanda nestled in its back-holster. With her skills, it would be a shame to send the latter back, when this case is over. The Wanda is a loaner from the MMPF (Martian Military Police Force).

The Duchess needs neither burners nor phone. Her majick effectively replaces them.

The girl’s visons blurs. When it comes back into focus, her looks have dropped several notches. Lucy is again sporting an unbecoming sternka. This forced concession warms the Duchess’ cockles. The girl’s hack has reasserted itself. The Duchess will not be denied, and intends that the girl’s looks are thoroughly ruined. Lucy’s sternka arouses the Duchess to have an erection.

Such a beautiful face ruined, the duchess thinks to herself, When I’m done, no one, including you, will see you as a pretty girl. And … You definitely need to be much thinner. I prefer my girls scrawny.

The Duchess has many, more plans for the girl. So … in addition to plaintive makeup, a krack whore’s face, thicks, and Parts … geriatric hair is among those planned alterations. Geriatric hair, as in, long yellow-blonde tresses liberally streaked with grey and white, a scheme guaranteed to age the girl decades and put a lot of divorcee mileage on her face. No stone will be left unturned, by the Duchess, in her infliction of the most insidious, despicable, bulldyke-inspired disfigurements upon this beautiful girl. In the end, having been put through the proverbial meat grinder, Lucy will be as unattractive and as creepy-looking as the Duchess, at least, that’s the plan.

Bottomline. The tale of the tape. A young, smoking-hot chick, with a flexible sexual orientation, who is in a very abusive relationship with a manipulative, much older, extremely unattractive, lesbian. A very young thing in a mutually beneficial relationship with a very old, and thus very powerful, thing. Lucy has come full circle, indeed.