Day: January 9, 2019

Murder on Mars, Chapter 25

Alice Quinn

As a Niffin, due to lacking a conscious and thus bereft of a sense of morality and empathy, the resulting sociopathic Alice was much more devious and deadly, as well as knowledgeable about the complex laws of magic. Due to this, she made significant rivals.… Read Full Article

Birdman CAN’T be Stopped – New 4000HP Hemi Setup!

It’s no secret that James Finny, otherwise known as “Birdman” is one of, if not THE fastest racer in no-prep racing. His 4,000hp Firebird, combined with his expert driving skills, manages to hook and GO – regardless of track conditions. He’s been sweeping the country, taking a BIG check from nearly every race he attends – leaving behind smiles and new fans along the way.… Read Full Article