Rocky Marciano Was A Savage

By LiquoriceBoxing Forum 24

Every once in a while it’s good to remind ourselves & look back at past greats, I’m not much of an old timers guy (I used to be when I first got into the sport but kinda got with the times after that..) though I sometimes get the urge to (when the sport goes a little quiet) look up the old black & whites & I always end up on a Marciano HL.. Never has a fighter IMO looked so spellbinding when slowed down on grainy black & white footage as the Rock! It’s artistic savagery… Silent Brutality! My favourite HW of all time:

Relentless machine. Kept coming, took 4 to land 1 but what a one it was! Not graceful or the most skilled, quite limited perhaps but all the more impressive for that in some ways … 🙂

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