New Horizons unveils a new world. Actually, it’s 2 worlds smashed together.

NASA hi-res images of most distant world ever explored finds 21-mile-high ‘snowman’ 🙂

By Mark Kaufman — Mashable

It’s a new, weird world. 

The deep space exploration craft New Horizons has sent back the first detailed images of an ancient world floating more than 4 billion miles from Earth, formally known as 2014 MU69.… Read the full article.

Introducing Russia’s Real F-22 and F-35 Problem

And … It’s not what you think. 

by Michael PeckThe National Interest

A numbers problem? 

Russian airpower is inferior to U.S. airpower, according to one Russian news site.

But is this genuine fear, or a marketing ploy to goad the Russian government into buying a stealth fighter that it doesn’t really want?… Read the full article.

China’s Xi pledges to continue reforms, open markets

President Xi Jinping said Taiwan’s unification with China was ‘inevitable’ (AFP Photo/FRED DUFOUR)

(AFP) China will continue market reforms and open its doors to the world in the face of a challenging geopolitical landscape, President Xi Jinping pledged Monday in a New Year speech.… Read the full article.