New Horizons unveils a new world. Actually, it’s 2 worlds smashed together.

NASA hi-res images of most distant world ever explored finds 21-mile-high ‘snowman’ 🙂

By Mark Kaufman — Mashable

It’s a new, weird world. 

The deep space exploration craft New Horizons has sent back the first detailed images of an ancient world floating more than 4 billion miles from Earth, formally known as 2014 MU69.… Continues

Introducing Russia’s Real F-22 and F-35 Problem

And … It’s not what you think. 

by Michael PeckThe National Interest

A numbers problem? 

Russian airpower is inferior to U.S. airpower, according to one Russian news site.

But is this genuine fear, or a marketing ploy to goad the Russian government into buying a stealth fighter that it doesn’t really want?… Continues