Top 25 Countries Where $150K in Retirement Money Really Lasts – #22. Italy

By Kat Begonja, The Brainy Penny

If the thought of living in this ancient, yet upscale country sounds good to you, it is entirely possible to do so, providing you are willing to stay away from the tourist areas like Tuscany and Umbria.

One of the best things about Italy is that entertainment is free for the most part. Beaches and national parks (there are 4 in Abruzzo alone) are absolutely free. Movies are about $4 per person but with all the beautiful things to see, why bother with cinemas?

Living In Italy

The city of Abruzzo is a good example. With both mountains on one side and the coast on the other, you can sit on the beach in the morning and go skiing in the afternoon! This city is also near the 16th-century thermal springs of Caramanico. For old world charm, you can’t beat Italy and Abruzzo is very affordable.

Like most cities, rent is cheaper outside of town. A typical two-bedroom apartment in the city can be $850 and outside the city, $250. Utilities can cost you a bit since you will probably want to use the air conditioning for a few months out of each year. Most places have fireplaces to help heat homes on the coldest days.

Italy ranks #2 for healthcare and the national health care system is a treasure. You pay a small fee to join, then approximately $450 per year per person.

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