Top 25 Countries Where $150K in Retirement Money Really Lasts – #24. Croatia

By Kat Begonja, The Brainy Penny

After gaining its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, expats have been flocking to this geographically diverse country, with a warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful mountains, and Adriatic coasts, this little country has something for everyone.

You can easily travel to places like Paris, Berlin, or Venice or check out the surrounding areas of Serbia, Hungary, and Montenegro. With more than 1,000 islands and reefs, this is the ideal place for those who like diving or beach life.

Living In Croatia

While the cost of living has been increasing gradually due to the number of expats, it is still a very affordable place to call home in your retirement years. A typical one-bedroom apartment in the city will cost about $380 and outside of the city, $280. Utilities for two persons will set you back $190 and internet is only $25. A meal from a local restaurant is a tiny $7 and a three-course meal at a more upscale restaurant is still only $30.

Croatia has what is called State Health Insurance that everyone must join, other than tourists. Expect to pay a sign-up fee of approximately $775 per person, then about $70 a month per person. Overall, the country has plenty of hospitals and a good healthcare system.

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