1982 DIZZY GILLESPIE & JON FADDIS (29-years-old) @ the White House

This was a PBS television broadcast of a December 4, 1982 jazz concert at the White House during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. His wife Nancy is visible in the audience alongside George & Barbara Bush but apparently the president was on a mission. Perhaps he was practicing diplomacy by telling jokes such as these: http://youtu.be/vxzAtp48Jyk

Earlier in this concert was a trio feature with the rhythm section of Chick Corea, Miroslav Vitous & Roy Haynes. http://youtu.be/8OJyVXXWwDc

Here we have a jam session on “Summertime” with several luminaries joining in: Dizzy Gillespie & Jon Faddis on trumpet, Stan Getz on tenor saxophone, Diane Schuur on vocals and Itzhak Perlman (who was the master of ceremonies) on violin.

This clip is another treasure from the CRATES, i.e., dusty boxes of Betamax videotapes (some unlabeled) that were recorded from television broadcasts when Beta was the video standard and VHS had not yet emerged as a strong competitor.

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