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Top 25 Countries Where $150K in Retirement Money Really Lasts … starting this Thursday

By Kat Begonja, The Brainy Penny

So, you are getting to that age where you start to dream about retirement almost daily. You’ve worked long and hard for this day and you deserve to truly enjoy your golden years.

However, if you start adding up your piggy bank and savings accounts, you might find that you are running a bit short on the suggested $1 million in retirement funds set aside.

Living in the U.S. is expensive! Many investment firms say that the average person will need at least $260K just for their medical expenses!

If you read those numbers and felt horrifically depressed, don’t be! You can still retire in style if you are willing to become an expat!

There are a great many countries where $150K in retirement money, combined with the average Social Security income of $1,360, will have you living the good life for 30 years or more.

Don’t believe it? Keep reading and discover 20 of the most retirement friendly countries that will make your $150K last for decades!