The F 22, the Best Air Superiority Fighter in the World

Lockheed Martin, the leading manufacturer of stealth aircraft in the world, proposed a new hybrid between the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning on April , 2018, for Japan to purchase, and it could easily outclass the US Air Force.

Japan has, for decades, wanted in on the US Air Force’s F-22, a long-range, high-capacity stealth fighter that perfectly suits its defense needs, except for one problem — the US won’t sell it.

While completing the F-22, the US ruled out its sale to allies as the technology involved in the plane was too advanced for export. But this decision took place 11 years ago in 2007.

Today, the US is in the process of selling Japan the F-35 multi-role strike aircraft, but according to Justin Bronk, an air combat expert at the Royal United Services Institute, the plane’s design makes it less than ideal for Tokyo.

F 22 Vs 5 F 15s, Real Dogfight, Shocking Result

America’s F22 VS Russia’s SU 57 – Which Would Win?
Who would be victorious in an epic battle between the America’s stealth fighter jet F-22 Raptor and Russia’s first stealth jet SUKHOI SU 57? It’s a tough call since both fifth-generation aircraft have ……..

1. Stealth.
Stealth was a main feature of the F-22 and the plane’s design maximized sensor evasion with diamond shaped wings and sharp faceted surfaces. The speed brake, weapon bay doors and engine exhausts are designed to minimize …..

Both fighter jets greatly differs when it comes to stealth and the comparison is not in the SU 57’s favor.

2. Maneuverability.
The F-22 Raptor is the most maneuverable fighter the U.S. has ever made. The Raptor uses two-dimensional vector-thrust jets which can only go up and down in unison…….
On the other hand, SU 57 is even more maneuverable. The Russian fighter uses three-dimensional thrust-vector jets. Its engine nozzles can literally tilt independently in any direction to assist it in executing maneuvers….

3. Power & Speed.
The F-22 is powered by a pair of F119 afterburning turbofan engines that produces a total 70,000 pounds of thrust. The engines allow the Raptor to super cruise at Mach 1.82 without afterburners, enhancing the aircraft’s range….

A major driver of the Su-57’s performance is its two engines. The engines are capable of generating around 71,000 pounds of thrust. These are meant to drive the fighter to maximum speed of up to Mach 1.8 in super cruise mode……

4. Radars & Avionics
The F-22 and the SU 57 both have Active Electronically Scanned Array radars which are stealthier more resistant to jamming and boast higher fidelity. The F-22 and SU 57 will be able to detect each other as they close within fifty kilometers, however which one first is a subject of debate.

In order to detect stealth jets, the SU 57 also have a modern Infra-Red Search and Track system with a fifty-kilometer range. The raptor’s engines nozzles are designed to reduce heat signature, diminishing detection range, while the SU 57 engines …….

5. Firepower.
The Raptor has three weapons bays. One of which can carry one Sidewinder missile. The second bay can accommodate six am-ram missiles with a range of up to 112 miles……
On the other hand, the Russian jet has 2 large internal weapons bays, taking up virtually the entire length of the aircraft. Each bay can carry up to four beyond visual range radar-guided missiles with ranges up to ……

Both planes carry long range radar-guided missiles of comparable effectiveness. Russia has its cutting-edge K-77M missiles with a reported range of 122 miles, and the United States has the am-ram Scorpion with a range in excess of 112 miles……

So what do you think that which fighter jet is better? America’s F22
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