In the closet in the White House: The tortured history of the gay man who touched off the purge of gays in government

By Michael Isikoff Chief Investigative CorrespondentYahoo News

In the annals of presidential directives, few were more chilling than a document signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in April 1953. Crafted during the height of the Cold War, Executive Order 10450 declared that alongside Communism, “sexual perversion” by government officials was a threat to national security.… Continues

Russia Wanted a ‘Carrier-Killer’ Missile. Here’s Why It Failed.

by Michael Peck, The National Interest

Russia’s very own DF-21D?

Note that Anufriyev assumed that even armed with a nuclear warhead, a ballistic missile aimed at a carrier would be ineffective unless many missiles were launched. His conclusion? “Only submarines and aircraft can present a basic threat to the aircraft carriers.”Continues

Taiwan Gives Up On F-35, Turns to F-16V Option

Taipei has a new idea instead: the release of sixty-six F-16V Block 70 fighters, with an additional six aircraft to replace crashed F-16A/B Block 20s (seventy-two total aircraft).

TAIPEI – Taiwan’s air force will cease campaigning for the F-35 Lightning stealth fighter aircraft and will, instead, reissue a request to the U.S.


Putin says Russia ditching dollar in sanctions response

Moscow (AFP) – President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia had no choice but to cut its dependency on dollars to conduct trade, after becoming the target of increasingly severe US sanctions.

“It isn’t our goal to desert the dollar,” Putin told an investment forum in comments broadcast on national television.… Continues

Chevrolet Corvette pair shows C2 designs that never were

By Elliot WoodAutoClassics

The Chevrolet Corvette]( is a style icon, with an evolving but recognisable shape. A lot of work goes into updating such a design, making it look fresh but honest to the original. Mecum is selling two of General Motors’ styling cars in its [Kissimmee January 2019 sale.… Continues