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Bosendorfer Imperial (Why the extra notes, and what do they sound like).

James talks about the extra notes, and why Bosendorfer started making the Imperial over 100 years ago. Several people have asked who the Italian composer was who asked that this piano be built, and his name was Ferruccio Busoni .



The Bosendorfer Imperial Grand piano is regarded as the preeminent piano in the world with a new price approaching $200,000. Hand made in Austria, the piano has an incredible sound throughout. It also features 97 keys and goes down to C below the usual low A on an ordinary piano. Pianists from Franz Liszt to Oscar Peterson have chosen Bösendorfer as their instrument. This piano is in immaculate condition inside and out. It is regulated and voiced to the highest possible level. The instrument was in a home and not played a great deal. Everything is original including the perfect, real key tops. If you are looking for the ultimate piano, this is it.