Day: September 7, 2018

Psycho (1960), Act 01



Above the midtown section of the city. It is early afternoon, a hot mid-summer day. The city is sun-blanched white and its drifted-up noises are muted and blanched in their own echoes.… Read Full Article

Russia’s Backfire Bomber Is Back (And Ready to Wage a Nuclear War or Kill Aircraft Carriers)

The marque TU-22M3 ‘Backfire’ bomber that was comparatively a cheaper, shorter-range version of the United States’ B-1B Lancer, is finally rolling off the lot with the ‘M3M’ designation upgrades it needs to fight well into the 21st century.

by Task and Purpose Brad Howard, The National Interest

Despite its occasional flashes of inspiration when it comes to military tech, Russia is still touting the same Cold War-era bomber fleet that threatened naval carrier task forces with the specter of cruise missile destruction throughout the 1980s.… Read Full Article