The Doll Squad Soundtrack + The Doll Squad (1973) – Full Movie

Doll Squad Soundtrack CD Nicholas Carras:

World premiere release of the original motion picture score from Ted V. Mikels’ classic 1973 movie THE DOLL SQUAD, composed by Nicholas Carras. Francine York sexy-girl spy adventure features a rousing underscore with great seventies action sounds, exotic island melodies, and all sorts of spy music, including an homage to James Bond. The original cover art is by Robert Aragon, and a 20-page booklet augments the release! These just might be the first soundtrack liner notes that discuss wardrobe changes as much as they do the music! Another winning release from Monstrous Movie Music!
Run Time: 55 minutes
  • Catalog#: 19CDD18
  • Theme(s): Spys, Agents, Groovy Guys

Squad of female government agents tries to catch saboteurs