Sidney Bechet, Vic Dickenson, Teddy Buckner, Sammy Price – Cannes 1958: Once In A While

1958/7/10, Cannes Jazz festival, Teddy Buckner (t) Vic Dickenson (tb) Sidney Bechet (cl,ss)

Sammy Price (p) Arwell Shaw (b) Roy Eldridge (d):

8:44 Rosetta (audio from record with illustrated screen )

8:53 Once In A While (audio from record with illustrated screen )

8:02 Sweet Georgia Brown (on ORTF-TV/AVERTY-video)

I hope these 6-Cannes festival dates 7/8 & 7/9 Jazz At The Philharmonic) & 7/10 & New Orleans & Ella; 7/11; 7/12 & 7/13 will be of interest for historical reasons. Its a pity that not many more of those TV-clips are available. For several Sidney Bechet, Vic Dickenson and Sammy Price fans I have compiled these two audio clips with illustrated screentracks. Of course the fragments used from “Sweet Georgia Brown” are not synchrone to the audio-track but will give a vivid impression of the festival. I hope that the copyrightholders will tolerate this non-commercial use for historical interest-