Roy Eldridge, Benny Carter, Don Byas, Coleman Hawkins, Jo Jones 1960 JATP-Paris, Indiana

1960/11/25, Paris, JATP at Salle Pleyel, TV 61/11/25 + 61/2/18, Jean-Christophe Averty (dir), Roy Eldridge (t) Benny Carter (as) Don Byas, Coleman Hawkins (ts) Lalo Schifrin (p) Art Davis (b) Jo Jones (d): 9:07 Take The A-Train / 12:00 Indiana (with thea longest Jo Jones solo in a band of my knowledge) /

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Russia admits defeat on its ‘stealth’ F-35 killer by canceling mass production of the Su-57 fighter jet

By , Business Insider

  • Russia announced earlier this month that the Su-57, its proposed entry into the world of fifth-generation stealth fighters, would not see mass production.
  • The jet had some promising capabilities in combat, but design and production difficulties made it a challenging project with limited export potential.
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