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Mein Kampf …, My Struggle – Chapter 06

Bene Gesserit Traumland …, Bene Gesserits Dreamland


“Enter no conflict against fanatics unless you can defuse them. Oppose a religion with another religion only if your proofs (miracles) are irrefutable or if you can mesh in a way that the fanatics accept you as god-inspired. This has long been the barrier to science assuming a mantle of divine revelation. Science is so obviously man-made. Fanatics (and many are fanatic on one subject or another) must know where you stand, but more important, must recognize who whispers in your ear.”—Missionaria Protectiva, Primary Teaching of Sister Frankie Herbert (founder of the Order of the Bene Gesserits)


The universal holster. Technically, a universal holster isn’t a holster at all, it’s a weapons generator. But, it can only generate weapons that have been loaded into it.

It looks like a larger version of a hard box full pack cigarette case except for the fact that it’s ABS plastic instead of some fashionable hardshell material, and there’s no solid magnetic flip top closure or any closure for that matter. It’s a “sealed” unit. As such, it can easily be mistaken for a tricorder or the transmitter of a wireless microphone; take your pick. It utilizes flat space technology for its dimensional compression. So, there’s a telltale when a weapon goes from holster to hand and vice versa. Therefore, unless the transfer is properly encrypted, it can be easily blocked by a run-of-the-mill jammer.

The brand of universal to have is Ultraviolet. It can be configured to be anything from a back holster to a belt holster on the strong side.

Because of dimensional compression, its interior is many time larger than its exterior. And. It is storage agnostic—i.e., it’ll hold a lot more than just weapons. Always on the lookout for a competitive edge, human duelers were the first to exploit this. They use their universal holster as a universal storage device—i.e., it holds their smart phone, their sword, and their personal Shield generator. The virtual interface of a smart phone’s AI will be used for tactical display, a display visible only to that specific operator because it’s beamed directly into their brain although it appears to be an external 360-degree holographic image that’s been networked into the AI of their personal Shield generator.

Of special note. And for painfully obvious reasons. Inhumans [i.e., faeries aka supernaturals] prefer to not use Shields or the virtual interface of their smart phones for tactical displays, for dueling or otherwise. Such usages would lessen their effectiveness in aggressive/defensive situations. In other words, no shield generators in the holsters of inhumans.

Then again, few inhumans use universal holsters. They prefer to use Race Bannons.

Race Bannon. A conventional “active” holster that has been extensively modified. It more resembles an orthopedic device than it does a street-ready carry. And, as such, it violates every carry reg in the IDPA rule book. In fact, it’s more radical than the race holsters of gun belts used in IPSC unlimited events. The holster molds itself to whatever weapon it holsters, providing the most secure carry and the fastest draw possible. It can be configured to be anything from a back holster to a belt holster on the strong side.