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Mein Kampf …, My Struggle – Chapter 05

Stirb, Stirb, Mein Liebes …, Die, Die, My Darling


Truth: there is nothing remotely romantic about the history of Shield use in the real world. In spite of being purely defensive in nature, Shield tech is one of the four foundational WMD’s—i.e., it is one of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Because of their extensive use by Church affiliates to commit some of the worst genocides in human history during the Religion Wars, every Pope since Pope Julius the Third has expressly forbade the use of Shields by any member of the Vatican’s dedicated security forces and just as vehemently forbade their use in the defense of Vatican City itself. Long-standing prohibitions felled by the current Holy See, Pope Ruth.

Truth: if the beam of a directed-energy weapon hits a Holtzmann field, it can result in sub-atomic fusion and a nuclear explosion. And. The center of this blast is determined by random chance. But. It never will originate within the shield.

Truth: there is no widespread use of shields, for three major reasons.

One. There are effective countermeasures to shields just like there are to all other forms of defense. In other words. Any defense can be breached, and forcefields, after all, are just another type of defense, albeit a very technologically advanced one. Bottomline, there is no perfect defense.

Two. Shields are prohibitively expensive, so forget about everybody being able to afford a body shield to protect against criminals, assassins, and accidents.

Three. You have to be an expert operator to use a body shield effectively—i.e., most people are better off sticking with conventional body armor.

Truth: the effective use of a body shield by an expert operator makes the use of projectile weapons and thrown blades partly obsolete. But. There is a glaring exception to this, later noted.

Truth: against a deft shield practitioner, there are only two effective CQB methods.

One. The deft use and careful precision of a handheld bladed weapon moved slowly enough, will penetrate a shield. New styles of fencing and knife fighting have been developed to take advantage of this one small vulnerability in close quarters combat.

Two. The use of ordnance, or a purposed weapon system, specifically designed to breach forcefields. For example, special variable-velocity implosive anti-armor “smart” munitions. An approach utilizing intelligent tunneling projectiles that adheres to the aforementioned tried-n-true principle that any defense can be compromised and, thus, ultimately circumvented.

Truth: the game changer. That glaring exception and purposed weapon system which stands this entire discourse on its head. The Series-3 phaser. It possesses all of the advantages of directed-energy weapons and projectile weapons, but none of their disadvantages. Where guns are concerned, it’s …. The Holy Grail!

Bottomline. In the modern world. Although there are notable exceptions, the use of shields is largely relegated to dueling. As such, Pope Ruth’s obsession with shields for military defense is seen widely as anachronistic and deeply troubling.