Day: June 25, 2018

The Master Race, Chapter 37

Flash-forward, the flipside of looping—when the looper is gOd …

They’re someplace seedy. A flophouse. Populated by the expected assortment of social flotsam and jetsam—riff raff, all of them. Bums. Tramps. Bagladies. Winos. Gossipy, down-n-out, chit chats. Etc. Worse—it’s a two-bit sit-up.… Read Full Article

More … Woody Herman!

Woody Herman is scorching one-hour concert from 1964 with the participation of one of the hottest sets themselves “Swinging Herd”, including the trumpeter Bill Chase, trombonist Phil Wilson and the amazing saxophonist Sal Nistico, and drummer Jake Hanna, bassist Chuck Andrus and pianist Nat Pierce.… Read Full Article