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The Master Race, Chapter 36

Flash-forward, the flipside of looping—when the looper is gOd …


They’re someplace seedy. A flophouse. Populated by the expected assortment of social flotsam and jetsam—riff raff, all of them. Bums. Tramps. Bagladies. Winos. Gossipy, down-n-out, chit chats. Etc. Worse—it’s a two-bit sit-up.

“How about that thick slice, over there?” Sam asks playfully.

The Dame looks in the direction of the younger woman’s lascivious intent.

“Geez! Who in their right mind would pay to fuck that?!”

“I would.”


“She’s the one who is in cahoots with Lopes.”

“A god?”

“Not just a god … gOd ‘almighty’, herself.”

“Then … We’ll need backup, else the capture will go a-rye and either our principal or we will get got permanently.”

“Agreed. There’s no reason for anyone to die over this [matter].”

“Above all, you want her alive [not dead] to fuck.”

“You betcha, red rider. But I will take what I can get. So if I have to fuck her dead, I will.”