Day: June 20, 2018

Karen, Chapter 04



Sister Judith awakens to find herself alone, again. The girl is gone. Leaving behind an imprinter and a note on the kitchen table. Sister Judith’s eyes fluorescence blue, momentarily. There is no recall of the girl. The girl is gone, free of her subjugation, and thus cannot be remoted.… Read Full Article

The Master Race, Chapter 33

Tea for Two


Sam watches the security footage intently. There are numerous people in the room, including the hotel manager. Xi has made good on his promise. All is as she demanded. Although the Hilton family controls Hilton Inc., the mainland Chinese government owns 25% of Hilton and 100% of this hotel.… Read Full Article

DNA test solves mystery of wolf-like creature shot in Montana



In May, a large wolf-like creature was shot by a rancher in Montana, and its identity puzzled local experts and social media users around the nation. Was it a wolf? An unusual bear? Some even started speculating about Bigfoot or a real-life dire wolf from “Game of Thrones.” A DNA test was ordered up to determine the animal’s true identity — and the results may be a disappointment for Bigfoot-hunters.… Read Full Article

The World of Duke Ellington, Beyond Virtuosity, A Total Independence of Musial Expression

“The ultimate in art is self-expression, not escape.”-Duke Ellington

The World of Duke Ellington is a fascinating portrait of one of America’s greatest musical legends, longtime friend and jazz historian Stanley Dance recounts the life of the incomparable Duke Ellington in his own words and in the words of the artists who played along with him: longtime co-composer Billy Strayhorn, saxophonists Johnny Hodges and Ben Webster, trumpeters Cootie Williams and Clark Terry, drummer Sonny Greer, vocalist Alice Babs, and organist Wild Bill Davis, among many others.… Read Full Article