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Continuum, Chapter 19

The Mission

Round Six

The End Game


Seven steps across the border. From the perspective of the away team and the surviving Druids, Seven is walking unmolested toward the ruins. Walking toward, but never reaching. It’s an optical illusion. A very elaborate one. But, an illusion, nonetheless.

From her perspective, Seven is somewhere else, entirely. She’s in a zero node. It’s dimly lit. A chamber in which she’s suddenly not alone. A portal is being used to populate this place. White Walker princes and princesses surround her. They keep their distance.

Finally. Princess Storm approaches her. Breaking the stalemate.

“You should bow down to your new headmistress, robot.”

“No thank you. I already have a bevy of queens to serve.”

“They’re all dead, by now. Overwhelmed and then dismantled as the Night King and the Night Queen watched. Our former rulers were in cahoots with us. Seeing the writing on the wall, they betrayed their oldest allies to save their precious necks. We’re going to make them into our pets, licking our boot heels. If you’re lucky, the same fate will befall you.”

“Unbeknownst to y’all, we invented the portals. They can’t be used against us. Your coup was unsuccessful. And. Along those same lines. You didn’t abduct me. I allowed myself to be taken.”


“Predictably. Your rulers were playing both sides against the middle. We, The Borg, forgive them for this transgression. And. Now, that you have come out of the shadows and revealed yourself. It’s time for this game to end. Your overconfidence has betrayed you.”

Windows into the abyss. Seven’s eyes become black pools of nothingness. Her captors are unmade. There is no evidence of what the robot girl has just done.

Seven is back on the Dead planet, walking toward the ruins which she finally reaches. She waves back at her comrades. Mission accomplished.

When they exfil via the stargate, Seven goes through first, followed by the away team and the Druids. When they arrive back at the SGC black site. Seven returns last. She got detoured.