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Nosferatu, Chapter 10

A Night to Remember


And there it is. All laid out in front of her. In a moment of clarity. Lucy finally remembers everything. Every transgression committed against her and every transgression against others that she has been coerced into committing via her drugged subjugation. The initial rape. The date rape drugging, itself. The loops. Her trysts with Babs, Mildred, The Master, Helga, Sewer Sally, those random bagladies, Sister Edy, etc. Everything and everyone.


Helga had resumed tracking the girl once she left the posh restaurant after her dinner date with her best friend Andre Vadrevu. The one true friend who never forsook her or judged her throughout her trials and tribulations, when she was falsely accused and later erroneously convicted of having sexual relations with one of her students.

The diner date they had was both long and eventful. A prominent LGBTQ activist and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Andre Vadrevu had just been promoted to the position of senior editor at The Huffington Post. They were celebrating his new fortune.

HuffPost is a liberal American news and opinion website and blog that has both localized and international editions. It was founded in 2005 by Andrew Breitbart, Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti. The site offers news, satire, blogs, and original content, and covers politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living,

The Ogre confronts her in an alley way. Helga can see it in the girl’s eyes: the girl knows, she knows everything.

“I said nothing to Andre. So, leave him out of it, monster.”

“So, you know everything?” Helga asks, rhetorically, smiling smugly.

Lucy spits in the Ogre’s face. Helga licks off the girl’s saliva and smiles even wider.

“I’ll make my choice, tonight.”

“Choose wisely.”

“Or what?”

Again. Helga’s response is her inhumanly-big shit-eating grin. She breaks off her tail, it’s no longer needed. But. When she makes it home, she’s confronted by an unexpected sight. Of all the possible scenarios she could have imaged, this was not one of them.

Babs and Lucy are in the living room. Lucy is holding something in her hand. She’s holding a final solution of sorts. An RPM, racial proximity mine. Its ilk were used with great effectiveness in the Martian Race Wars.

“Come on in, don’t be shy … join the party, Helga,” Lucy taunts.

Helga becomes enraged as she realizes what the girl is threatening.

“We offer you the gift [of immortality] and you repay us with this!”

“Gift! Is that what you call it?! You use me to the most depraved and nefarious ends, and obviously intend make me or worse at your whim!”

“I eat you live, for this transgression against headmistress, me, and the rest of the saved!”

“Come any closer and we all go boom. Try to leave, and we all go boom. Or we just go boom because I say so.”

Babs finally breaks her silence. Turning her attention to her faithful housekeeper. “It’s her right to choose, willingly and willfully.” Babs her attention back to the girl. “Which shall it be?”

Babs is calm, smiling. Resolute in her belief.

“Shut up, you bloodsucking dyke bitch!”

Helga starts to say something harsh, admonishing the girl for disrespecting their headmistress. But, Babs cuts her off with a gesture.

“Let her have her say.”

The grandfather clock in the corner begins to strike midnight. Lucy puts her finger up to her lips.

“Listen. Our fate is being decided.”

With the twelfth stroke, the explosive device in her hand deactivates. She tosses the now-useless smart grenade to Helga, who easily catches it.

“I know, I know, Helga. You’ll punish me later. As for you headmistress …”

“You’re the only liar, here. Admit your most cherished wish. It’s the wish that all beautiful women have, but only we immortal femmes can ever realize. It’s that wish for beauty everlasting, a wish that will come true for you thanks to me. And you love me for that behest.”

“Bullshit! I hate all of you immortal fiends, but most especially you, for what you’ve done to me!”

“Another lie. The truth is, you’re glad that you paid a price that any human female worth her saltines would pay to keep her youthful beauty forever. And you’d gladly pay it again, without the least bit of hesitation. More than mortal? Yes: is my answer to that question. Enjoy being immortal. It’s nothing less than the ultimate in kicks. Enjoy the peerless cosmetic makeover of the change, our cure for the boredom of aging in the strictly Biblical fashion. Enjoy Heaven on Earth. Enjoy a forever body that will never betray you to make room for the young. I’m patient. I know in time that you’ll come ‘round to my way of thinking. You’ll become such a swell, just like me, a girl with the most.”

“That’ll be the day!”

“I’m right, and you know it, because underneath it all, you’re my cold, ruthless, black-hearted bitch.”