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Nosferatu, Chapter 09

Half the Fun


Half-n-half is a water-soluble elixir made from diadem and the cerebral cortex of aborted human fetuses.

When ingested by humans, over a long period of time, half-n-half acts as a DNA-extender. It helps retard the aging process, wards off illnesses, and extends the life-span of its users. And for a Biblical percentage of its users, it’s also a highly addictive narcotic.

Diadem is the “special” saliva Nosferatu secrete when they are feeding upon someone that they are trying to make.

Of course. Diadem, in and of itself, cannot turn a human being. And. If ingested orally by mundane, it will flush from their system without a trace, within twenty-four hours.

It’s this unique saliva combined with the exchange of other bodily fluids [namely blood], not just the fiend’s bite itself, that’s actually the agent-of-change for the Nosferatu’s damning embrace.


Their now bi-monthly visits have fallen into a set routine that never varies. First, the fake confession. Followed by the punishment of the girl by the nun for all sins and transgressions immemorial—i.e., the nun severely beats up the girl, just because. Then the girl’s induction into The Order as Sister Noone (pronounced: no-one). Why fix what isn’t broken?

Karen is strapping Parts, but is otherwise naked. A naked Sister Edy is in the room with her. The girl has been confessed and righteously punished.

The girl’s eyes are vacant. Her expression is vacant. For all intents and purposes, she is vacant.

“Who are you?”

The girl smiles. And, there’s nothing the least bit benevolent about that vacant smile of hers. The empty loathsome smile disappears as quickly as it came.

“I am No-One, headmistress,” the girl responds in a monotone. As such. Her voice is cold, flat, and emotionless.

“Who owns you?”

“You do, headmistress.”

“And, I intend to take full advantage of the situation.”

No-One remains silent. Sister Edy bitch-slaps the girl. No-One just stands there and takes it.

“Any objections?”

Again. No response from No-One. Again, Sister Edy bitch-slaps the girl. Again, No-One just stands there and takes it.

Sister Edy flashes a malevolent smile.

“You will speak only when spoken to, and when you do speak you will be concise, using as few words as necessary. Understood?”

“Yes, headmistress.”

Sister Edy belts the girl, again. Hitting the girl so hard, this time, that the blow snaps the girl’s head back.

“And, as previously stated, during your stays with me. You will never remove your Parts, nor will you ever reveal in my presence, that your Parts are removable. Subject closed. Understood?”

No-One remains silent. Sister Edy covetously strokes the girl’s cheek.

No-One is a submissive dominatrix, all right. But. Reliably submissive only to her twisted owner Sister Edy.

Sister Edy dresses in one of her outdated habits. This includes opaque black stockings, black knob shoes, burlap slip, and white cotton panties. Panties that bulge with her engorged manhood.

“Your looks are shot. But. You’re still not unattractive enough. And.” Sister Edy’s mania rising, a rising heard in her voice. “I can’t afford to be upstaged. I won’t be upstaged!”

Harsh, unbecoming pancake makeup is heavily applied to the girl’s comely face, by the nun. Then, she adds another expected touch. She slips a pair of sternns onto the girl’s face. A face that’s aged, ravaged, and disfigured by the severe makeup. A makeup-ruined face. The face of someone much older who has been road hard and put up wet too many times.

Upon application of the make-up, and for the duration of the make-up’s application, the girl’s hair board-straight hair becomes a geriatric krazed. As such, her strait hair becomes unkempt-looking messy straight hair that is liberally streaked with grey, white, and blonde. Except for the blonde streaks, rendering her a geriatric platinum blonde, just like Sister Edy. The nun rearranges the girl’s ruined hair into a sternka.

Harsh, unbecoming, pancake makeup heavily-applied to the girl’s face. A face that’s aged, ravaged, and disfigured by the severe makeup. Resulting in the face of someone much older looking who has been road hard and put up wet too many times. Bereft of any youth, a makeup-ruined face that is so unattractive, Sister Edy is pleased to no end.

Bottomline. Wearing this makeup, the girl becomes a Rough Rider [i.e., a person wearing rough], and thus becomes much more unattractive than Sister Edy always sees the girl and herself.

In other words, the makeup makes the girl’s face look very, very rough. A face that looks like it’s been ravaged by insanity, unchecked sexual depravity, and chronic drug and alcohol abuse.

The makeup is called Rugueux which is “rough” in French. Formally, it’s known as Visage Très Rugueux which is “very rough face” in French. Whichever name you choose. An adept name that describes exactly what it does to the wearer’s face. Technically, it’s a proactive parasite that can only be removed with cold cream [preferably: Pond’s Cold Cream] or its chemical equivalent, otherwise, the application is permanent.

Used extensively in the film industry and in the theater by beautiful young actresses when they play the parts of hardcore drug addicts, chronic alcoholics, and very unattractive, much older women.

Used a lot by hardcore fetish practitioners of D&H (degradation and humiliation).

Used a lot by mentally ill women who suffer from extreme BDD. For example, women like Sister Edy. In fact, before she became a nun, Sister Edy wore rough all the time.

Of course, as aforementioned, because of her own mental illness, the nun still sees the girl as having shot looks, even when the girl is not wearing this makeup.

In reality, of course, neither woman has shot looks, and in fact both women are extremely attractive.

As a side note. Not coincidentally, ever since their very first date, Sister Edy has taken to wearing heavily-applied Rugueux, all of the time. Applying rough to the girl’s face, was also the nun’s idea.

Of course. As aforementioned. Sister Edy’s BDD aside. When wearing rough, the girl’s face is more unattractive than the Rough Rider face of the chronologically-older Sister Edy.

Sister Edy dresses the girl in one of her outdated habits. This includes opaque black stockings, black knob shoes, burlap slip, and white cotton panties. Panties that bulge with the girl’s engorged Parts.

Now, that Sister Edy is finally satisfied with the girl’s looks, she exits the convent bedroom that the girl is using. The fictitious Sister Noone dutifully follows her.

Once, Lucy-as-Karen-as-No-One becomes Sister Noone. Sister Edy’s mania takes on a new and very twisted dimension. In Sister Edy’s deluded mind, they have a history.

Their lurid backstory, by Sister Edy’s twisted way of thinking …?

Sister Edy and Sister Noone are close. Very close, indeed. For over thirty years, they have been a couple without ever “officially” being a couple. Another example of those deviations from Scripture and Church Doctrine, which The Church chooses to not see, especially when it involves Bene Gesserits.

As lesbian lovers, she and Sister Noone routinely and whorishly violate their vows of chastity—i.e., they are extremely sexual. They are also soulmates, praying daily for God’s forgiveness for being lesbians and their forbidden love for each other.