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Karen, Chapter 03

A Tourist Point of View


In psychiatric terms. She is personality zero.

She comes to herself laying spreadeagle upon the bare mattress of a bed. The timeclock on her restraints release on schedule. She’s locked in a soundproofed room only accessible via a secret panel in Sister Judith’s bedroom. The lock is biometric, and it’s keyed only to Sister Judith and to Lucy/Karen/Giggerota/Seven/etc. Thus, the robot girl can come and go as she wishes.

The robot girl sits up. Her debilitating migraine caused by an enlarged pineal gland and lizard brain is gone, because she no longer has an enlarged pineal gland and lizard brain. Nor is she much thinner, she’s her pre-abduction weight. Rugueux—gone. Hard, pretty face—returned. No Parts, whatsoever. A girl with only the girl parts she was born with.

Dead straight yellow blonde hair in a Grune. Yellow blonde in spades. No geriatric hair, whatsoever—i.e., drapes, rug, etc. A beguiling perfume, an almost pheromone for weaker minds ruled by their libidos. The same becoming, natural-looking “no makeup” makeup worn by Russian ballerinas in Moscow’s world class Bolshoi Theatre—i.e., Bolshoi-bare.

Pearl necklace. Satin corselette. Flesh-colored rubber thong. Underwear worn under her black fishnet bodystocking. She, just like her body ware, is clean and pristine. Being modern ware, and thus possessing a hygiene mode, her stuff is self-cleaning and it keeps her [the wearer] clean and pristine also. Her Borg EXO has the same type of hygienic functionality. All of her duds do, with the exception of her grunge fishnets.

Nearby, laying upon the floor, is the extensively-modified kronos that was attached to the back of the robot girl’s neck. Its innards are fused from a terminal overload. The device is quite dead. Then again, having served its purpose, it’s no longer needed.

Although she is well aware of her various and sundry personalities and personas, having full access to all of their memories. For the foreseeable future, she prefers to be Karen Digney, without Giggerota lurking underneath the hood.

Karen and Giggerota are no longer a fusion, with Karen as the façade for Giggerota. They are again separate personalities. And, therefore they are not the duality of a single persona.

In spite of her klaw and knobb, and her under-expressiveness. Karen/Giggerota is Darc, not Borg. The groundwork for what she is now, and thus the sexually depraved creature she clearly prefers to be, was laid out on the Dead world when she took that detour of hers to Europa during her outing in The Kingdom. Darc is a Cylon construct.

As Giggerota. She is much thinner with messy straight yellow-blonde hair that is liberally streaked with grey and white. Heavily-applied Rugueux. Grunge fishnets. Parts. A junkie sex slave whore, hopelessness addicted to reanimation reagent. A vacant under-expressive robot girl sporting a makeup-ruined face and a fright wig hairdo. Narcissus. Knobs. A torn bodystocking usually worn yanked down around her waist. Her big floppy tits exposed. Suffering from an extreme version of BDD that eclipses that of Sister Edy. A slut who exists only to appease the insatiable cravings for limitless depravity of Sister Edy, Sister Judith, and herself. An enlarged pineal gland and lizard brain that racks her with a debilitating migraine.

Karen walks over to the featureless access panel and places a palm against its surface. The hidden panel swings open. A naked Sister Judith is waiting with bated breath. The nun’s joy mutes as she sees that it’s Karen instead of Giggerota. But, that can easily be corrected, when it gets on her nerves too much, and she has a very short fuse for such matters. For obvious reasons, the petty envious Sister Judith has no use whatsoever for Karen.

First things first. They French kiss. Then the morning blowjob. Karen drops to her knees and deep throats Sister Judith. She pulls her fishnets down around her waist without missing a stroke. Sister Judith is hung like a horse with testicles to match. Karen kneads the nun’s grapefruits as she performs expert fellatio.

Sister Judith’s eyes fluorescence blue, momentarily. Karen reverts to Giggerota. Although sans rugueux, grunge fishnets, narcissus, knobs, and Parts. This is still a vast improvement over the smoking hot Karen, by Sister Judith’s twisted way of thinking. Soon, very soon, the robot girl’s comely face will be makeup-ruined, and thus no longer upstage hers.