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Karen, Chapter 02

Judith Head


To the world—a “Les”

To her lover—“Butch”

To herself—“Dyke”


Sister Judith is muscular with masculine looks, ways, and mannerisms, and, like Sister Edy, she too is a well-hung she-male. But, unlike Sister Edy, Sister Judith was manufactured. She was not born. She is a genetically engineered bioform—i.e., a synthetic person akin to a Borg queen. She is a Cylon, and, as such, has an over-the-top penchant [i.e., craving] for enslaving other beings, especially robotic ones.

While Sister Edy believes herself to be profoundly unattractive. Sister Judith Head is profoundly unattractive. Resembling a bigger, muscle-bound version of Lucy’s Barbara. But. Sister Judith, the stereotypical manhating bulldyke, is not only less attractive than Barbara. Sister Judith is less attractive than Sister Edy is when Sister Edy is sporting a makeup-ruined face.

As far as her practice of Catholicism goes. This Bene Gesserit nun makes Sister Edy look like a flaming Liberal in comparison. In a decrepit, otherwise abandoned monastery, there is only Sister Judith and Lucy.

Lucy comes to herself lying on the floor in front of a heavily-modified Borg queen’s alcove. She is clean and pristine. Wearing her pristine black fishnet bodystocking and her Parts. The robot girl remembers her time with Sister Judi and Sister Edy as the Darc person Karen Digney. Then there is a blank period, a hole in her memory. She has no recollection of where she is or how she got here.

The vacant robot girl is sporting neither a makeup-ruined face nor a fright wig hairdo—i.e., no heavily-applied Rugueux or long messy straight hair. Nor is her yellow-blonde hair liberally streaked with grey and white. No narcissus or knobs. The bodystocking has been yanked down around her waist. Her exposed tits are bruised as if they were kneaded like bread dough by a pair of very large, very powerful hands.

There is an extensively-modified kronos attached to the back of the girl’s neck. This kronos is biometric, keyed to Sister Judith—i.e., only Sister Judith can operate it or remove it. And as long as it’s attached, it can be used to turn Lucy into Karen with the flick of a proverbial switch.

Lucy stands up on shaky legs and almost collapses. A naked figure, sitting on the bed, in the darkened room, gets up and walks slowly toward Lucy. It’s Sister Judith. She looks eighty-something.

“You’re Sister Karen, now. Sister Karen Digney. A newly-ordained member of the Order of the Bene Gesserits. And. You belong to me. You are mine … forever. I am your one and only headmistress.”

Lucy starts to say something. Sister Judith’s eyes fluorescence blue, momentarily. The girl’s neural implant is hijacked by Cylon malware via her tweaked kronos. Lucy’s hair becomes a fright wig hairdo—i.e., long messy straight hair. Her crazy yellow-blonde hair is liberally streaked with grey and white. Lucy ceases to exist. What’s left is Sister Karen, or rather a very Darc someone who looks like Karen Digney but is really Giggerota. No longer a merger. Karen Digney is just a façade for Giggerota.

“You can never be allowed to upstage my looks. As such, you will always wear heavily-applied Rugueux to ruin your looks. Your extreme version of BDD now eclipses that of Sister Edy. I will heavily-apply the Rugueux, posthaste. There is no cold cream, or its chemical equivalent here. Thus the makeup’s application will be, for all intents and purposes, quite permanent, indeed.”

Karen, Giggerota, Seven, says nothing. Sister Judith bitch-slaps her repeatedly. The robot girl does nothing.

“Now, begins you reprogramming, in earnest. A very thorough brainwashing. So, that you can be a suitable mate for me—i.e., a junkie sex slave whore, hopelessness addicted to reanimation reagent. You will exist only to appease my insatiable cravings for limitless depravity. I have an equally boundless need for punishment for my sins. We will wallow in sin, together. We will punish each other for those sins, together.”

Again. The robot girl says and does nothing.

“Make yourself decent. Cover yourself, slut.”

Karen pulls her fishnets back into place.

“Much better. Later, after I dress in my habit, we will add your narcissus or knobs.”

They French kiss.

“When I’m done [experimenting] upon you, you will also be much thinner, which will make your huge tits look even larger.”