Are you able to unsee the optical illusion in these hilarious pictures?

At first glance, the picture above looks like an innocent shot of three people having fun and enjoying a few drinks. But if you look closely, the woman standing between the British entertainment group the Chuckle Brothers seems to be holding a cup of, er, penis. The photo – now being called an optical illusion – was posted to Twitter by Solita Restaurants, a popular British food guide, and his since gone viral with over a thousand favorites and retweets.
Commentators can’t get enough of the photo:

A closer look . . .

OK, the object in question is clearly just her arm, but once you’ve noticed the phallic image, there’s no going back. This leads us to wonder, what is the Internet coming to?


This may look like an ordinary brick wall, but it’s not . . . When Manchester, UK, Facebook user Arron Bevin posted this photo, the internet flipped out. There’s an optical illusion in this picture that some people see right away, while others find it totally impossible to figure out. Are you able to see what everybody is going crazy about?

Many people took to Twitter to express their befuddlement at this viral photo.

Once you figure this out, you won’t be able to unsee it – we promise. Let’s see how long it takes!

If you want to know the answer, keep scrolling . . .

Are you sure you want to know?

There’s a cigar wedged into the crack of two bricks toward the right side of the photo. That gray hole you see is the end of the cigar. Can you see it now?!


This optical illusion of two people hugging is seriously trippy, and Twitter can’t deal

Nothing brings the internet together quite like a bizarre optical illusion. People just can’t get enough. You remember #DressGate and all of the lessons we learned from that, right? How about that time a model tweeted a picture of her striped pants and unknowingly gave the illusion that she had extremely skinny legs? And of course, who could forget the recent auditory illusion of Yanny vs. Laurel? At one point, the Yanny vs. Laurel debate became an optical illusion too, because people just can’t get enough. But this newest optical illusion may be the trippiest yet.

On May 24th, Twitter user @boom_likean808 tweeted what seemed like a simple picture. The image shows two people: one sitting in a chair, the other standing in heels (plus a third in the background). And while it doesn’t sound particularly interesting, once you see it, you’ll definitely do a double take. No, a triple take. Maybe even a quadruple take.

The photo has gone viral because it’s hard, upon first glance, to tell who is standing and who is sitting. Many think the guy is standing, wearing white pants and heels, bending down to hug the girl, who is sitting in the chair. But…is that right?

This viral optical illusion has us all talking. It’s a very confusing picture that you will likely spend an embarrassing amount of time staring at.

Okay, there is definitely a person standing, wearing white pants and heels. And there is definitely a person sitting, wearing a flannel shirt. But who is who?

Twitter has a LOT of thoughts about the hugging optical illusion.

Some people are out here recreating the pic:

But some superhero Twitter users have helped us see the light:

Ahh, yes. Now we can see the truth. The guy appears to be the one sitting, wearing the flannel shirt, and the girl is bending down to hug him, wearing white pants and heels. But it’s still SUPER trippy. His neck lines up a little too perfectly with her body.

We love it when something fun goes viral on Twitter. What a world.

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