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Karen, Chapter 01

The Jersey Devil


To the world—a “Les”

To her lover—“Butch”

To herself—“Tramp”


For the foreseeable future … Chicks with dicks—i.e., either Parts or a penis and testicles, on girls. Fashion “stylings” come and they go, and they do recycle. But, for now. That one has most definitely had its fifteen minutes of fame and then some, and yet it’s STILL here, just like Paris Hilton.

Bottomline. Concerning females sporting she-male, either born that way or via Parts. That combo of male and female genitalia on women, and not just female parts. Alongside. Just female parts on women. Dig it or not. Get used to it. Because. It isn’t going away, soon, if ever.


Outside. It’s raining cats and dogs. Lightening and thunder, the whole shebang. Sister Edy had just finished her rounds before the weather went from bad to worse, and is glad to be inside this very foul night.

Sister Judi is in its room, and is indisposed. The robot is rebooting after an extensive firmware update. Per Sister Edy’s dictate, it is naked. It only wears clothing when the situation dictates that it needs to be clothed. Hence, most of the time, it is naked.

As such, with her usual partner out of the picture until morning. Sister Edy is left to her own devices for amusement. She is in the kitchen, slipping a mug of hot cocoa. The creepy nun is dressed in only her panties.

Then, as if she has a six-sense, Sister Edy directs her attention to the back door. She gets up from the table and walks over to the door.

“Is that you, Karen?” Sister Edy asks rhetorically, as she unlocks and opens the door. Standing there. Framed in the doorway, soaking wet, is Sister Edy’s handiwork Karen Elizabeth Digney.

Sister Edy’s mental illness has progressed with devastating consequences. By Sister Edy’s twisted way of thinking, Greta Lucille Rohm and Karen Elizabeth Digney are one in the same person. As such. She remembers the fictitious Karen Elizabeth Digney in place of the real object of her obsession, Greta Lucille Rohm. For her, Greta Lucille Rohm never existed.

The vacant robot girl is sporting a makeup-ruined face and a fright wig hairdo—i.e., heavily-applied Rugueux and long messy straight hair. The crazy yellow-blonde hair is liberally streaked with grey and white. Additionally wearing narcissus, knobs, Parts, and a grungy black fishnet bodystocking.

That really, really, nasty parochial schoolgirl look. Ever the opportunist, Sister Edy will shamelessly take full advantage of this really, really nasty parochial schoolgirl. And. Why not?

Thanks to the extensive use of a specially-modified kronos attached to the back of the robot girl’s neck while the robot girl was Giggerota. There is no longer a stand-alone Giggerota personality. It has been merged into the Karen Digney one.

Irrespective of the robot girl wearing grungy black fishnets, instead of pristine black fishnets. This is a full-blown Karen, in spite of the merger. To reiterate, this is Karen, not Giggerota but with heavy overtones of Karen. Giggerota no longer exists, and if Sister Ed has her way, this is the only persona that the robot girl will have.

Whenever the robot girl comes to her like this, Sister Edy knows that she’ll get to keep the robot girl for quite some time. Last time, the robot girl stayed for almost an entire month.

During these sabbaticals. Sister Edy passes Karen off as Sister Karen. In public outings, Karen wears the same outdated style of habit as Sister Edy and Sister Judi. Thanks to her makeup, the way Karen’s ravaged face looks, no one gives the robot girl a second look, let alone close inspection. And the chaste habit completely hides her ripe body.

“Please come in, Karen.”

The robot girl does as she is told. Sister Edy closes and locks the door.

Predatory anticipation. The old nun smacks her lips as she yanks the robot girl’s fishnets down. The bodystocking ends pulled down below the robot girl’s buttocks. She gropes the robot girl’s tits, ass, and crotch. They French kiss.

Karen neither speaks, nor does Karen elicit any emotional reaction, whatsoever.

“Perfect timing. Afterwards. We’ll go down in the basement and engage in evening cleansing for our sins.”

When not in use, Karen will be kept muzzled and chained up in the basement. But. There are exceptions to even this rule. People die horribly during those exceptions.

Karen only speaks when she utterly has to, and then with the absolute minimum of words. She might as well be mute. She is totally subservient to Sister Edy, in the same way that the robot Sister Judi is. This Darc persona is constructed entirely by Sister Edy. Although it is darc, an aberration bordering upon being an abomination, it is still a subset of the Borg Collective. As such. Its Borg designation is still Seven.

Bottomline. This Karen suffers from the same extreme version of BDD as Sister Edy. This Karen is very tortured and extremely disturbed, as tortured and disturbed as Sister Edy has always been. This Karen is a 24×7 she-male, just like Sister Edy has been since birth. This Karen is a version of Sister Edy—i.e., a vile mess, just like the old nun she is based upon. Remember: Misery, and depravity, craves company!