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Nosferatu, Chapter 06

Undressed Rehearsal


Between and betwixt. Babs is running the girl in one of her favorite loops, again. A loop the girl will again forget about as soon as the loop ends.

The girl slams the door shut. She shucks her panties and socks. Climbs into bed. She straps on her Parts and masturbates, fantasizing about going at it full-throttle with Babs. She finger fucks and handjobs herself into mind-numbing oblivion while thinking about doing her butch roommate.

Babs, who followed the girl into their bedroom, watches her covetously. Lucy acts as if Babs isn’t in the room with her—i.e., as if the old lady is masked from her perception. She’s just that much into herself while doing herself.

Finally, after a full ten minutes have elapsed, Lucy notices Babs. Embarrassed, and in tears, Lucy grabs a bathrobe and scurries into the room’s adjoining bathroom. She closes and locks the door behind her.

Babs has won, finally. She gloats. The butch walks triumphantly over to the locked bathroom door.

“Why did you stop? You were enjoying yourself so much. And, I, for my part, was so enjoying watching you. I orgasmed along with you.”

“Happy! You’ve won! I’m a goddamn freak, just like you!” Lucy screams through the door.

No longer in denial. She’s been reduced to hysterics. Babs can hear the girl screaming and crying through the door. Lucy is bawling her eyes out. Weeping loudly and uncontrollably.

What Babs can’t see, is that Lucy has dropped to her knees. She’s wearing the bathrobe. But it’s open, exposing her strap-on.

It’s over. The lying to herself is over. The old Lucy is gone. Dead and buried. That Lucy died the night that she got taken. This Lucy is a bi-dyke who likes to go she-male.

Lucy stops sobbing. She stands up and unlocks the door. Babs is waiting, patiently. Lucy walks over into Babs’ waiting arms. They walk over to the bed and sit down on it.

Babs consoles her, gently stroking her hair. Lucy rest her head on Babs’ broad shoulder. This goes on for a while. As if Babs’ only intent is to comfort the girl.

Then, Babs makes her move. She becomes an octopus with two well-educated hands. But. So as not to spook Lucy, her approach maintains the appearance of propriety and altruism. While in reality it’s the definition of self-serving.

The old-school butch switches from stroking Lucy’s hair, as the arm of that hand goes around Lucy, as if to further comfort the girl. Babs places her free hand on Lucy’s knee and waits. Lucy does not push the hand off. Babs’ hand moves to the inside of the girl’s thigh and stops. The experienced rug muncher is patient and well-versed in seducing so-called straight girls to come out of the closet as queer for the occasion.

The bulldyke’s hand moves slowly up the girl’s leg. Squeezing as it goes. Once it has reached its objective. It gives Lucy a handjob, the likes of which she has never had—i.e., expertly manipulating her cock and balls, to erection and ejaculation. The girl begins to moan, deep in her throat. The two women French kiss. Lucy falls back onto the bed, legs spread invitingly wide. Babs obliges. Cunnilungus, fellatio, and anilingus, ensue. Blowjob Bettie as in deep throat, licking and sucking testicals like all-day lollypops, of course.

Babs does Lucy. Then Babs teaches Lucy how to do her.

They are “officially” a couple. Their May-December affair will very likely blossom into a full-blown romance.