12-min version of “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)” live @ Carnegie Hall, 1938

Can you believe no-one else had uploaded the incredible 12-minute version of “Sing Sing Sing” onto YouTube? I thought I’d better do it, before my poor grandfather started rolling in his grave (he used to play this record til our ears bled!).

Benny Goodman: clarinet
Harry James, Ziggy Elman, and Chris Griffin: trumpets
Red Ballard and Vernon Brown: trombones
Hymie Schertzer and George Koenig; alto saxophones
Art Rollini and Babe Russin: tenor saxophones
Jess Stacy: piano
Allan Reuss: guitar
Harry Goodman: bass
Gene Krupa: drums
Composed by Louis Prima
Arranged by Jimmy Mundy (who incorporated “Christopher Columbus”, a piece written by Chu Berry for the Fletcher Henderson band, into the piece)
Live from Carnegie Hall, New York, 1938

(Visual accompaniment — “New York: The Wonder City” (1938) — it was slightly longer than the music, so I just let it run, in case you wanted to see the rest!)


(I originally uploaded this a while ago; but YouTube took it down. I apologise to all the people who wrote comments on the original video. YouTube terminated my account without warning! I promise to upload all the videos I had on my original channel for y’all.)


Here is a little film of Benny Goodman’s famous Carnegie Hall Concert in 1938. This track is Sing Sing Sing (of course!) The final moments of this footage synchronize perfectly with the music.