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Continuum, Chapter 14

The Mission

Round One

Team Dragon

“It’s their turn”


Joe Louis, the legendary boxer, was oft of saying: “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.”


Destination? Alpha site, Earth 8427.

Which team? Theirs.

What? A combined Dragon-Druid Expeditionary Force.

Where? Staging from a transit hub in the palace of the empress of The Dragon Empire. On the Dragon home world, also known as Asia. Within the Forbidden City.

Vaccine protocol? Standard, series seven shots. Guaranteed immunity from the retro-D virus.

Advance Guard? Two thousand BECs, used as shock troops.

Main Contingent? Six Druids, six Unspeakables, ten Feng Shui, and two humans.

Rear Guard? One thousand BECs.


Her twin sister Grace having secured the chamber’s access. The lead priestess, Nicole Noone (pronounced: no one), chalks a Valhalla on the floor around the main contingent of their expeditionary force.

The sisters are redheads and they’re Danes. Then again, all Druids are redheaded, Danish folk.

A Valhalla is a conjuring circle which employs glyphs, runes, and angelic script for its DHD (dial home device). In this case it is being powered by the ARQ embedded in the floor of the room.

ARQ. Arcing recursive quine. Supplying near-limitless power, perpetually.

An Expeditionary Force is a generic name sometimes applied to a military force dispatched to fight in a foreign country. Notable early adaptations include World War I and World War II elements deployed in abundance to support global combat operations.

The Druids, there are six of these warrior-clerics, are wearing the expected thick-lensed goggles, horned breather-mask, and head-to-toe Egyptian mummy-wrappings. The goggles are “all seeing”—i.e., hyperspectral imaging googles. And, the thick white gauze wrappings will stop, pointblank, any grenade and NHC-DEW output, and most anti-armor projectile rounds.

NHC-DEW. Non high-compression directed energy weapon.

The Druid weapon of choice is, of course, the staff weapon. Atop this tall gilded staff is something that looks like an archaic 1930s microphone, but, this “microphone” is ornate and encrusted with precious jewels. And, few small arms weapons can equal the “big bore” devastation that a staff weapon’s effector emissions can wrought.

As such. A death ray. The emission of a staff weapon will kill an unprotected person instantly upon contact.

In point of fact, all modern close quarter weapons of the type are collapsible. For example, a vujcic. Like the vujcic, a staff weapon is an ancient weapon that’s collapsible. It’s also magical.

The staff weapon of each Druid is collapsed and holstered. Their holsters are Race Bannons. The holsters of their equipment belts that are equivalent to MACO equipment belts.

It makes sense that the staff weapon is the favorite of Druids, because Druids are demi-gods. Neither mortal nor god, but, a little bit of both, they’re the so-called “missing link” between mortals and gods. Superhuman. Immortal. Cannibals—i.e., they eat human beings, but, they don’t eat metahumans or demi-gods like themselves.

There are also Unspeakables, drawn from the elite corps of guards of the Dragon Empress Wu Zetian. And, Feng Shui from the Royal Garrison, the so-called “purple garrison”.

Half the size of the twelve-foot tall Unspeakables, Feng Shui hunt in packs and have a hive mentality. They’re breed is the invention of that infamous Druid trio: Sir Adrian Paul, Baron Bokeem Woodrine, and Princess Bai Ling.

Unspeakables and Feng Shui are class-B and class-C fire-breathing Dragons, respectively. Therefore, they are magical creatures. And, also like all Dragons, they are shapeshifters, who look just like mundane [i.e., human] Asians, when they are pretending.

Two of the team aren’t the normal mix and clearly aren’t Druids. They are the only mortals. And, officially, they aren’t here. Both of the heavily-armed Nazis are wearing black SS uniforms with white accoutrements and matching greatcoats, and black spit-shined hobnailed jackboots. And their badges bear those runes, the SS in Gothic characters. Their Waffen SS officer’s visor-caps have the Death’s-Head insignia. Their high-compression phasers are ZMPs—i.e., generic brand, Browning knockoffs, and therefore, untraceable.

For the obvious purpose of avoiding public condemnation. Neither the Dragon Empire nor the Druid Federation officially or unofficially acknowledges such ad hoc alliances with the Third Reich.

Nicole gestures arcanely. A transit gate manifests itself. Affording ingress to the alpha site, which has previously been cleared and secured by Druid-animated BECs assigned to the expeditionary force.

Per the plan. The Dragons will go through first, to establish air supremacy. Then, the Druids and the Nazis will follow.

The game plan is simple, straightforward, and to the point—i.e., shock & awe. Unfortunately, for this military force, the Dragons, Druids, and Nazis have never waged full scale war with The Dead. And, worse, all of their previous skirmishes with The Dead have proved successful beyond all expectation, lulling them into a false sense of security.

Per remote viewing, what the BECs have done already and are doing, is very impressive to say the least. In effect, all the advantages of using tactical nukes without any of the obvious downsides.

What none of them [in command] realize is that after the BECs contact-kill a certain amount of Dead, the BECs will become unstable and dissipate into harmless vapor, and the Druid operators remote-controlling them will die. There are billions of Dead inhabiting this world, and there aren’t millions, let alone billions, of BECs being used against the Dead.

Three thousand BECs are assigned to this expeditionary force. The Druids have a total of a quarter-million BECs in inventory and twelve thousand Druid operators for the BECs. Do the math. One quarter of all the BEC operators are being used in support of this expeditionary force.

To The Dead, BECs appear to be mysterious, fast-moving, translucent, humanoid apparitions. Apparitions that will kill a Dead almost instantly upon contact. BECs aren’t visible in the “ordinary” visual spectrum. Of course, for example, BEC are visible to anyone wearing Druid googles.

These man-made apparitions are made of Bose-Einstein condensate, which explains their ability to move through walls and unmake biologicals, and why they are halted by iron shavings and ceramic materials. Also, pulse weapons are capable of breaking down the condensate.

Druids are scanned on a molecular level, and using 3D printing they are replicated in condensate form. The Druid operators are subsequently hooked up to a central spectral machine which enables the operator to animate and remoter-control their condensate copies (i.e., “apparitions”).

Worse. What none of them [in command] realize. Is that their remote-viewing, and all their other forms of communication and remoting with their forces in the air and on the ground, can be shutoff at any time, after twelve minutes into the initial ingress of their forces.

Worst. What none of them [in command] realize. This is Dune, also known as Mortuus, the home world of The Dead as well as the birthplace of worse dead things. The Kingdom, of the White Walkers, is up north. The Territories, of The Dead, are down south. As such. This Earth is a planetwide necropolis.

The billions of Dead which inhabit The Territories can be reinforced, as needed, by Dead from all of the Dead worlds in Creation via trans-warp conduits known colloquially as portals.

White Walkers also make use of portals. Then, again, they paid FMF Ltd. for the transit’s invention. But, Full Moon Features is just a middleman. Who did the actual work?

Borg invented this form of transit. Subcontract work for Full Moon Features, one of the many shell companies fronted by Saudi Prince Osama bin Laden for billionaire arms dealer Sun Tzu. The same Sun Tzu who wrote The Art of War, and who is the youngest brother of the Dragon Empress.

FMF’s accounts are substantial, to say the least, and they are ably managed by the Iron Bank. Formally known as The Swiss National Bank, the Iron Bank also represents the equally-considerable financial interests of The Council.

Rumor is. The Borg are in bed with Sun Tzu. That they are his silent business partner. If true, that means that in the case of the portals, the Borg subcontracted themselves to do work paid in full by The Night Rulers.