Sable Vs Debra – Women’s Title Rematch – 1999 RAW (custom)

Sable & Debra, two of the WWF’s sexiest and most popular women of the attitude era face off in this “What If?” scenario!

In May 1999 we had got a hint of a feud between these two buxom blonde bombshells beginning but Sable walking out of the company that same year meant we never got to see a proper feud or match between them which would have been a ratings/fan winner.

In this alternate-reality Sable didn’t leave the company and the following month we got to see a match pitting the “Playboy cover Girl” against the “Puppies” in a mouth watering contest!

How would you have booked the match had it happened?

Are there any other what if scenarios you would like to see on the channel?