The Bizarre Food Vladimir Putin Eats For Breakfast Every Morning (and the Surprising Reason He Avoids Alcohol)

While people are drawing connections between U.S. president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, one thing stands out as a major difference between the two: their diets. Trump may have a serious problem with fast food and Diet Coke, but Putin starts his day with a stricter diet than you can imagine.

Here’s what Putin eats every day for breakfast, including one bizarre food you may not have ever heard of. We’ve even found his favorite food he’ll indulge in from time to time, how he eats when he travels, and the No. 1 reason he avoids alcohol.

He eats breakfast around noon

Putin has a leisurely morning.| Dmitry Kostyukov/AFP/Getty Images


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You’d think someone with such a strict routine would be an early riser. Putin, instead, sleeps into the late hours of the morning on a daily basis. He doesn’t eat until around noon, but even though it’s lunchtime, he still opts for the same variety of breakfast options each day.

His morning starts with an omelette or porridge

Sit back and enjoy your breakfast, Mr. Putin. | Vladimir Rodionov/AFP/Getty Images


Putin’s main breakfast course is pretty standard. He starts each day with either a nicely-sized omelette or a large bowl of porridge. If that sounds bland to you, that one strange side he includes in his meal is anything but.

He eats quail eggs on the side

This egg isn’t commonly eaten in the U.S. | Nick Ansell – WPA Pool/Getty Images


Yes, quail eggs. If you’ve never heard of a quail, it’s a mid-sized bird found in Europe, North Africa, the southern United States, and some parts of Asia, according to Why quail eggs? They’ve actually got loads of benefits, such as improving your vision, balancing your cholesterol levels, stimulating growth, boosting your metabolism, and cleansing your body. They can even prevent chronic disease, treat allergies, and reduce blood pressure.

He doesn’t drink his coffee until after breakfast

He waits a bit before getting his caffeine fix. | Christopher Jue/Getty Images


He doesn’t drink coffee with his meal. Instead, he drinks fruit juice while eating, and he’ll only start drinking coffee after his breakfast is over and before his daily exercise. In case you were wondering, his exercise routine consists of two hours of swimming, then lifting weights at the gym.

He has even stricter eating rules when traveling

Putin doesn’t fall off the wagon while traveling. | Liu Jin/AFP/GettyImages


Putin knows to be savvy with his food while traveling abroad. If you thought his eating habits were strict in his daily life, he tightens up even more on the road. Pretty much everything he touches, whether it’s a fruit bowl in his room or the sheets he’s sleeping in, must be replaced between use.

According to Newsweek, he “cannot be served milk products” when he travels. Any food served to Putin by a host must be checked and approved by the Kremlin before he even goes near it. He obviously isn’t taking any chances.

His favorite food is pistachio ice cream

Can you blame him? | Unpict/iStock/Getty Images


While Putin may typically stick to a healthy food regimen, he likes to indulge from time to time. He’s only human, after all. His favorite food of all time is reportedly pistachio ice cream.

According to The Independent, “He also once gifted his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping with a tub of ice cream during last year’s G20 summit.”

He avoids alcohol — mostly

Puting makes a point to abstain from alcohol when possible. | Vladimir Astapkovich / Host Photo Agency/Ria Novosti via Getty Images


Putin is very careful with anything he puts into his body, and that includes alcohol. He’ll reportedly only drink alcohol during formal receptions. While his abstinence from drinking is beneficial to his health, he mainly stays sober for political reasons.

Alcoholism has historically been a problem for Russia, so Putin is doing his part in “promoting a sober way of living,” according to RU Experts. His predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, was part of the epidemic, so Putin is trying to pave the way as a different kind of Russian leader.

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