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Carver 2: No One, Chapter 7

The Morning After

It’s the morning after date night. So. As always. For the duration of the girl’s stay. With one notable exception. Neither woman will wear any clothes or shoes.

Helen admires her handiwork. Subjecting Karen to electroshock and then butchering the girl’s brain. The bulldyke is naked and wanting. Sporting messy straight geriatric hair.

Draping shoulders and breasts. The bulldyke’s long blonde tresses are liberally streaked with grey and white. Her pubic hair is grey and white with blonde specks. She is a geriatric platinum blonde.

Now sporting messy straight blonde hair. The nameless girl is strapped down to the electroshock table, wearing only a strap-on. Arms at her sides. Legs spread. Staring blankly at the ceiling. Mouth open, slackly. She’s vacant.

A large jagged crosshatch scar, resembling a lightning bolt, runs from her hairline to just above her left eyebrow. Already healing, it is raised, hard, and angry red.

The way the girl heals. Helen knows that in a day or two the scar will be completely gone. But, while it’s there, the bulldyke revels in the girl’s disfiguring lobotomy scar.

Helen undoes the girl’s restraints. Then she motions for Karen to get off of the table. The disfigured girl obeys. She French kisses the girl, while the bizarrely submissive girl just stands there. Helen prefers the girl looking and acting this way.

The bulldyke gropes the girl’s tits and private parts. Then she points at a small metal table upon which sets two pairs of pink cotton bikini panties. Karen slips on one pair and Helen slips on the other.

At this stage in the game, Helen shackles the girl. Then, she shackles herself.

In spite of her lucid pretense. Helen is totally-insane, a homicidal manic and a cannibal, just like Karen.

But. Unlike Karen. She doesn’t need a surgical lobotomy to go completely bye-bye. All she has to do is to let herself go. And. This is what she does. She lets herself go and goes bye-bye.

And. When both of them finally do come back. In an hour or two. They will be CHUD (cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller).

The two feral cannibal woman will stay in Helen’s basement for the rest of the day. Fucking, sucking, eating, licking, killing, etc. Sadism. Masochism. Bestiality. Cannibalism. Torture. Necrophilia. Cunnilingus. Fellatio. Anilingus. Bondage. Discipline. Humiliation. Degradation. Depravity ad infinitum. They are two sides of the same, very sick, very twisted coin.

As previously mentioned. Helen experiments on Karen. And, Karen, in turn, experiments on Helen. Helen is Dr. Frankenstein. And Karen is her Monster, The Frankenstein Monster. Karen is Dr. Frankenstein. And Helen is her Monster, The Frankenstein Monster.

They also like to switch between who is the dominatrix and who is the submissive.

Although Karen has the occasional one night stand with Billy Hall as filler. She and Helen are lovers, and, as aforementioned, have been a couple for a very long time. As soon as same-sex marriages are legal in the state, they will get married. For now, they live in sin.