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Continuum, Chapter 10


“What in the fuck were you thinking?! You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” Lucy screams at Sister Edy as she shakes the nun into consciousness from the brink of oblivion.

“That’s the problem. I wasn’t thinking at all,” responds the nun in a very groggy voice.

Sister Edy opens her eyes. She’s lying on the bed. Her head is pounding as if from the world’s worst hangover. All of her joints are stiff. And. She’s aching all over. Where the killer tongue bite her, the skin is inflamed and feels like it’s on fire. The nun feels like shit. When she tries to sit up, she feels dizzy and disoriented. Lucy forces her to lie back down.

“You’ll feel like shit for a while. Maybe an hour or two. Maybe less. Maybe more.” The girl is naked. No biomechanical corselette and Parts. Looking like Lucy, instead of Seven. Because, she is Lucy, again. “If the safeguards hadn’t kicked in. My tongue would have consumed you.”

“Oh. But. What a glorious way to go!”

“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.”

“Did I confess my sinful plans to you?” Sister Edy asks, rhetorically. Knowing the answer, already.

“Of course.”

“So. Could what I want … be done … safely … relatively safely?”



“We’ll need a Bobby Shaw Carver. I’ll have your SAR procure it for us.”

“Bobby Shaw Carver?”

“We’ll discuss its use on me in detail when I get back. For now, you rest.”

“I can Google.”

“Google will give you only so much. But. Do your due diligence, anyways. And bone up for our girl talk when I return.”

“How about the strident Giggerota’s cannibal outfit?”

“The SAR will also discretely take care of that.”

“Procuring the fixings for it and its construction?”

Lucy switches to drone mode. A blank. Lucy falls back into character—i.e., aloof and detached. Haughty.

“Yes,” the girl responds in a monotone. As such. Her voice is cold and emotionless.

Sister Edy notices the girl’s hands klaw, then momentarily twitch. Blank eyes. Stiff backed. Severe. In a word, robotic.

The Borg girl is sitting on the edge of the bed. She stands up and walks into the adjoining bathroom, closing the door behind her. Then. Sister Edy hears the shower running.

Fifteen minutes later. A clean, dry Lucy emerges from the bathroom. She is sporting a Grune, a throwback hairdo that Sister Edy hadn’t seen the girl wearing before now. The same hairdo that she first sported at the mission briefing.

By now, Sister Edy is feeling well enough to sit up in the bed.

“I like you new hairdo. I hadn’t seen you wear your hair that way, before. It’s very attractive.”

“Thank you, headmistress. I am glad that it pleases you.” Lucy is still acting somewhat stiff and robotic. And the girl’s voice is still cold and emotionless. Her eyes are still empty. Hands klaw. She’s still in drone mode, but, something else is also going on. “Vacancy. I’m no longer here. Please use my body as you wish.”

“What did you just say?”

Lucy walks up to the bed and repeats her provocative statement.

“Vacancy. I’m no longer here. Please use my body as you wish.”

“You’ll be late.”

“Nonsense.” Lucy smiles. But. It is an empty, mindless smile. The vacant smile of someone who has been lobotomized. “We have plenty of time for a quickie. And. I so love to eat you.”

It’s as if Lucy is a submissive dominatrix. And. Her being in drone mode doesn’t explain why she is the way she is now. She’s acting … for want of a better word … vacant.

This has only happened to her, once before. It was during the mission briefing. And. She was also in drone mode, at the time. And. Interestingly enough, she was also not wearing her Parts, then.

In drone mode, a Borg drone will act mindless and robotic. That is expected. They are blank. But. They should never be vacant.

While vacant, she is in-between Lucy and Seven, and yet she is sort of both. She looks like Lucy, but she acts like a vacant Seven. And. She is in a Doll format. A drone in drone mode with the mentality of a vacant Queen. This is a contradiction that cannot, and therefore should never, exist. She is between and betwixt. She is No-One.