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Carver 2: No One, Chapter 6

The Date: Part Two, Helen Funches

It is very late at night. The sitting room of the private residence of local resident Ms. Helen Funches. Wagner plays from an antique grammar phone in the background.

Karen parted ways with Billy Hall, hours ago. He is at home, asleep in his bed. In a couple of days, his cousin will walk the girl home, after she is done with his pet monster.

Ms. Helen Louise Funches is a sixty-something dowdy spinster and a doppelganger for actress Dame Judi Dench.

Karen, who just turned thirty-four, is a buxom leggy sexpot blonde, a double for English glamour model and actress June “The Bosom” Wilkinson (circa early 1970’s). Ms. Wilkinson did Playboy, back in the day. It was Hugh Hefner, the man himself, who christened her The Bosom.

Of special note. Lucy is two years younger than Marilyn Monroe when she died.

The spinster librarian has been Billy Hall’s partner in crime, from the git-go. She has co-starred with Bobby Shaw and later Karen in all of Billy Hall’s films. A sadist and a masochist, the bulldyke loves torturing other people and being tortured herself. The films provide her with an avenue to vent her twisted cravings. She performs sadistic Nazi-inspired experiments on her unwilling subjects. She likes to experiment on Karen, as well as have sex with the girl, especially when the girl is restrained, strapped down to a metal exam table. She also likes to experiment on herself. Increasingly, under Helen’s stern and severe direction, Karen is being taught how to experiment on Helen herself.

Helen is a real hardcase—i.e., unflinchingly bossy, stern, and rigorous, as well as haughty, distant, and aloof. In other words, a total bitch. She’s also an alpha female, of the overtly bulldyke persuasion.

Both Helen and Karen are busty—which is the only thing—besides their gender, their nationality, and their ethnicity—that the two women have in common.

Specifically. Helen is an F-cup, which is the same as a double-E. And, Karen is a double-D.

The two women couldn’t be more different, yet they are dressed identically. Same make-up. Same hairdo. Same eyeglasses. Same gloves. Same clothes. Same shoes. Same undergarments. Same perfume. Same pearl necklace. Same everything. In other words, the same get-up.

Helen dresses this way all of the time. She’s the one who picked out and purchased Karen’s date outfit.

Bottomline. Karen is wearing the same severe frumpy unattractive things that severe frumpy unattractive Barbara wears. And, when Karen wears them, she’s just as severe, frumpy, and unattractive as Helen always is—i.e., things that make her look just as sexually repressed as Helen always does—couture, a hairdo, and eyeglasses that render her unrecognizable to even close friends and family of the girl that she used to be.

Dressed or undressed. Creepy and obsessive-compulsive Helen is neither attractive nor is she very feminine-looking, in the conventional sense. A “real” frumpy cunt—i.e., profoundly unattractive.

In appearance, the bulldyke represents the anti-feminine: heavy and squat, with thick legs and very strong calves for a woman. Her tight obscene bun and strictured skirt suit, complemented by women’s black ballet flats, contribute to create an overall impression of a grotesquely deviant femininity, sexual repression, and the devious overtones of a dominatrix.

Although opaque black stockings and a midi-length skirt would be more age-appropriate for Helen. She prefers going barelegged and wearing a skirt that’s a full four inches above the knees. It’s why she wears a Kate, instead of the stodgier Kaye which has a knee-length skirt.

Karen is seated in front of Helen’s desk.

In a clearly predatory move, designed to provoke. Helen sits on the edge of her desk in front of Karen. Her legs are gaped, teasingly—flashing inner thighs and a glimpse of bulging panties. She’s looking covetously at Karen in the same “unhealthy” way that lecherous old men look a girl’s they’re attracted to.

Of course. All of this “flirting” by Helen is wasted on the girl. Karen is slumped in her chair. The gentle heaving of her chest as she breathes is one of the few indicators of her still being alive. She has been heavily drugged.

Helen slipped Karen a mickey-finn much earlier in the evening in a glass of wine. It took a while for it to finally take full effect. At which time, Karen swooned. Passing out in her chair. Mouth open slackly, drooling.

Helen didn’t dose Karen with chloral hydrate. The vile butch used something much more insidious and potent than that on the girl.

Rohypnol. The date rape drug of choice for sexual predators. A small 2-milligram dose can put a person into an excited, agitated, and disinhibited state, leaving only amnesia. When its effects begin to become manifest, the victim becomes highly suggestable, and, unlike with hypnosis, they will do things they normally wouldn’t do. In much larger does its mind controlling effects are analogous to LSD. Helen used a 9-milligram dose on the girl!

For good measure, to reduce the girl a complete catatonic, Helen jabbed Karen in the neck with a hypo filled with a Thorazine/Lithium/Prozac cocktail. She emptied the syringe’s mix of mind-scrambling drugs into the girl’s jugular vein. When she was much younger, during her tenure as a Catholic nun, Helen was a nurse in an insane asylum.

As a side note. Technically, Helen is still a Catholic nun, a member of the Order of the Bene Gesserits.

Helen flirting with an unconscious Karen is foreplay. She has an orgasm. Her signal that it’s time to move on to the next step.

Helen gets off the desk. The bulldyke unbuttons the girl’s jacket, and then her blouse … very, very, slowly. Once the girl’s bullet bra holstered tits are exposed, the butch lesbian squeezes the bulging cups of the girl’s rocket bra. Helen’s large powerful hands look like they belong to a man.

The bulldyke feels the girl up, letting her hands roam freely over the drugged girl’s ripe body.

And. Then. The moment she has waited for all evening. Having laid the girl’s limp body upon the floor. She yanks Karen’s skirt down, undoes her intended’s panty briefs, and sodomizes the girl.

Afterwards, she completely loses control, repeatedly striking the girl in the face and kicking the girl in the ribs and abdomen. In her twisted mind such vengeance is necessary, the girl must be disciplined, humiliated, and degraded. In other words, break the girl down completely and then rebuild the girl from the ground up in her exact image.

In closing. She drags the naked girl’s body down into the basement. Straps Karen to an electroshock table and subjects the girl to several brutal sessions of electroshock treatments.

Additionally. She’ll cut up the girl’s brain. Performing some crude brain surgery on her cousin’s monster.

Helen always keeps the girl for the entire weekend, before returning her early Monday morning to her American cousin.

This entire rape scenario. Helen gets off on it to the nth degree—i.e., the brutal “ape” rape of Karen, especially in this most degrading and humiliating fashion. In other words, it’s her uber sex fantasy realized. But. If the goal was simply to just fuck the girl, rape would be completely unnecessary. Helen doesn’t have to force herself on Karen. They are lovers, and have been for many years.

Unlike the girl that she used to be, Karen will voluntarily have sex with Helen, and in the most degrading and humiliating fashion imaginable. It’s her previous version that Helen would have had to drug heavily to have sex with in any way, shape, or form.

There’s something else to consider in all of this. Something even creepier. Helen is much more than just your garden variety, degenerate, wanton, ball-busting dyke. She has a hideous, gender-bending secret, supposedly known only to a select group of people. She was born with male and female genitalia.

In other words. She’s a she-male—i.e., the Holy Grail of hardcore unreconstructed Biphobic butch lesbianism. Having a big penis explains why the crotch of her panties has a large bulge.

The old bag’s cock is huge, as in, Johnny Wadd (John Holmes) proportions. And, she prefers Karen fitted with a huge cock, too. So. Always after the electroshock stuff, Karen ends up strapping a flesh-colored dildo harness and dildo. Doll Parts.

Doll Parts. This prosthetic dildo consists of an uncircumcised penis and testicles. The penis is capable of erection and ejaculation. The strap-on allows full access to Karen’s anus and her female genitals, rendering her, in effect, a she-male who can be ass fucked.

As a side note. Karen’s man parts are molded from Helen’s. Having a big penis, when she’s strapping, explains why the crotch of Karen’s panties has a large bulge.