Month: March 2018

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 10

Serial Killers


With their decrepit shopping cart nearby. They dig through a dumpster for lunch. Supplementing their kitty with twenty-dollar blowjobs.

Karen’s teeth are so filthy, they look rotten. A long, facile, dirty tongue. Long dirty ragged fingernails and toenails.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 13

Strange Nights

For the time being, much to the dismay of many a Borg girl, Lucy/No-One/Seven only wears her Parts, when she’s with Sister Edy. In a word: Perfection!


“It’s been you, all along.”

“Of course. After all. What would be the point in being this way if you didn’t experiment upon yourself?” Lucy asks, rhetorically.… Read Full Article

Dorothy Ashby – Hip Harp ( 1958).

Dorothy Jeanne Thompson (August 6, 1930 – April 13, 1986), better known as Dorothy Ashby, was an American jazz harpist and composer. Ashby extended the popularization of jazz harp past a novelty, showing how the instrument can be utilized seamlessly as much a bebop instrument as the saxophone.… Read Full Article