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Carver 2: No One, Chapter 3

The Other One

The night before a full moon. She begins ranting and raving, incessantly. During the full moon, she changes into something else, something much worse. She becomes a mindless, depraved, sexually-insatiable leechwoman in the guise of a Zuni Fetish Doll.

She has a tortured, insanity-ravaged face that is not even remotely pretty. A face that looks like it’s been ravaged by insanity, unchecked sexual depravity, and chronic drug addiction. The coarse features and protruding eyebrow ridges of a Neanderthal cavewoman. The unprettier.

Her long blonde tresses become liberally streaked with grey and white. Her pubic hair becomes grey and white with blonde specks. Rendering her a geriatric platinum blonde.

The girl’s already hefty chest expands to rival that of porn star Candy Samples. As such. Her double-D’s become outrageous F’s (same as double-E cups).

The girl’s pale Nordic complexion becomes very pale and very white. Not the chalky, pallid complexion of an entombed corpse. It is a flawless porcelain-white complexion. Pallor.

Her eyes become bloodshot as the blood vessels of her eyes dilate. Her pupils constrict. Her irises disappear. And her eyeballs turn light grey. Greys.

Her teeth become too large, with receded gums, and they are pointed. Huge, very straight, pointed teeth—i.e., serrated teeth. A razorblade smile.

Her tongue becomes forked, too facile, and inhumanly long, and, when she’s not making her feral lunatic sounds, it whips about in her mouth like a snake with a mind of its own. A tongue that is a bloodlusting, self-sustaining organ—i.e., in essence, a lingual leech. A killer tongue that can shoot from her mouth, morphing into a long retractile proboscis, when it needs to feed.

Her big, ugly mouth is reshaped and stretched inhumanly wide, and her thin, ruby red lips become lime green. The resulting grotesque mouth now looks like it belongs on the face of The Joker from the Batman mythology of DC Comics. A joker’s mouth.

Lastly. She will lay down flat on the floor, legs extended straight out with toes pointed as if she’s a ballerina dancing on her pointes (toes), legs and feet together, arms held rigidly at her sides. There will be the smell of burning flesh. Her legs and feet will fuse together. Her arms and hands will fuse to her body.

No longer able to move around bipedally. She will slither about, akin to a snake. And, get about as easily as when she could walk.

Without the free use of her arms and hands. She will use her multipurpose killer tongue, instead. It can be used to grasp things as well as feed.

This human leech cannot speak. She can only hiss, venomously. Her killer tongue flicking out of her mouth, from time to time, like the serpent’s tongue of a venomous snake.

So far. The unprettier, the killer tongue, the razorblade smile, the joker’s mouth, the greys, the geriatric hair, the double-E’s, the limb fusion, and the pallor—i.e., that entire Doll format of hers—has only manifested itself during a full moon. And. To reiterate. All of it reversible when the full moon ends.