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Continuum, Chapter 06

Reborn Better

Lucy’s female intuition tells her that her daydream is more than just a daydream.

At death, the machine consciousness of a Borg is uploaded to the Resurrection Facility where it’s stored in an available Closet Continuer until it can be downloaded into a new artificial body. This makes Borg essentially immortal, as long as the facility remains operational.

The resurrection facility is in a secure, top secret Cloud location, the whereabouts of which are known only to a select few individuals. If need be, that facility can be destroyed via a self-destruct. Robotic resurrection technology came out of Project Cylon, and is used in conjunction with a number of Class One and Class Two robotic species including the Cylons and the Borg.

But, Borg like Babb and Lucy are not robotic beings, they are biological, and therefore have no such machine consciousness. Therefore they have no access to that particular resurrection option. If they die, they stay dead. Or do they?

In Lucy’s daydream, she steps into a Queen’s alcove and is pulled apart, dying horribly in the process of disassembly. Yet, she somehow resurrects, presumably because she’s in Doll format?


The office of Hal Jordan. He’s in charge of Oversight.

General Carol Banks, the visiting VIP, points at one of the photographs laying on the desk in front of her. General Banks is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“Tell me about this one. The Rohm girl.”

“She is a biomechanical engineer, with robotics specialties in the cross disciplines of bionics, cybernetics, and biogenics.”

“How long was she on the SAR program, under Professor Thelma Hopkins the director of robotics operations?”

“Two months.”

The SAR program is a cost-plus defense contract shared by two defense contractors, North Star Inc. and Harbinger Corporation. Commercially, the civilian SAR versions are sold by Kill Command Ltd. the only authorized reseller.

“She worked in what capacity on the program?”

“She worked for Harbinger Corporation, as a freelance contractor.”

“Her security clearance?”

“Ultraviolet, back then.”

“And now?”

“The same.”

Harbinger Corporation is the lead on the contract. They specialize in perfecting drones and robots to replace human beings in the fields of combat and space exploration.

“Tell me about Sara Mills, the one that Stargate Command sent to Mars with a squad of my Marines on that total clusterfuck.”

“Mills has been designing self-modifying machines for the last five years, first at North Star and now at Harbinger, and has numerous serialized DNA ‘implants’ including a set of Google style eyes that does facial recognition and communicates with her creations.”

“So … she’s a living machine, correct?”

“Correct. And. As you well know, General. Living machines are impervious to EMP, just like us biologicals.”

“Is she Borg?”

“No, she is not. But. Lucy is. Both women are, of course, biogenic cyborgs.”

A biogenic cyborg is a person whose cybernetics are biological as opposed to biomechanical. Biological in the form of synthetic DNA [i.e., in vitro DNA] spliced into their regular DNA [i.e., in vivo DNA].

This type of in vitro DNA is often called “serialized DNA”, because manufacturing serial numbers are imprinted on the DNA strands. This in vitro DNA also resonates at a different frequency than in vivo DNA.

“Sufficient.” General Banks makes her decision. “Our Toy will need to ‘borrow’ this Lucy girl.”

“I’ll brief her, in the morning.”

“You’ll call her in this office, right now!”

“Yes, General.”

“Alice will conduct the girl’s briefing.”

“Yes, General.”